How to Improve iOS 10 Battery Life on Your iPhone


Battery life has always been a very major issue that has existed for a very long on your iPhone device. And let me tell you that there is more than 1 reason to put all the blame if your device battery goes down soon. An software update, power-sucking , an annoying bug features or killer apps could also turn out to be the main reason.


Still you are also having the similar fate for number of time, I didn’t astonish to see that the rapid battery down on my iOS 10 device. Now let me tell you that with the use of few very helpful tricks, You will be able to fix battery life issues of your iPhone on iOS 10.

You are having a very major issue in draining of your battery and so that you want to get rid of this problem quickly and within seconds then I recommend you to follow the steps given below.

How to Fix iOS 10 Battery Life Issue on iPhone or iPad

There are two methods of improving the battery life of your iPhone device from sudden draining to the no drain. Both of these methods are given below.

Disable Location Services

First method you can apply is to disable the Location Services, this is one of my favorite method i suggest everyone to save the battery timings of their iPhone device.

Disabling Location Services or disable the location services can also prove to be a very great shot in the arm for your iOS device battery life. To apply this method on your iOS 10 device you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1.

Open the Settings app and then go to Privacy.

Step 2.

Now Tap on the Location Services.

Step 3

Next stop, Now you will need to switch off the button to Location Services.

Step 4.

Select the Turn Off which is located at the bottom next to confirm.

Disable Background App Refresh

A very effective and easy method to save the battery life of your iPhone device is to disable the background app refresh option. I assure you that this method will hep you to save the battery life in iOS 10. To do so, just follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Go to the Settings app and then tap on General.

Step 2.

Now Tap on the Background App Refresh.

Step 3.

Now next stop, you have to toggle off the button which is right next to the Background App Refresh.

That’s all it, this will help you to secure the battery life of your iOS device in no time and your iPhone will no drain its battery very soon. For more tips you should also use the comment box below.

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