Top 5 Best 3D Touch iOS Apps

In this post, I am going to show you some of best iOS apps with 3D support developed specifically for Apple iPhone by 3rd-party developers. Now there are a bunch of apps supporting this new feature but these are my favorite implementations of 3D Touch.

At the time of this writing, only a hand full of apps are supporting 3D touch but many app developers are getting on board every day.

I know most of people are criticizing this new feature and calling it a gimmick. The adoption rate for the 3D touch is also really slow. Last year with the release of iPhone 6 and 6S, many app developers started adopting bigger screen resolutions, but with 3D touch, it is not the case.


Top 5 Best iOS Apps With 3D Support


Instagram 3D touch Menu

First of in the list of best iOS apps with 3D support is Instagram. This app received the upgrade on day 1, when iPhone 6S was announced. Apple also shown us how developers of Instagram app implemented 3D Touch functionality in the app. You can 3D Touch on the icon and get a shortcut menu. You can also 3D touch on a post with-in the app and have a peek into the activity without landing on that post.


Facebook 3D touch iPhone 6S - Best iOS Apps With 3D Support

Facebook app also got the update recently but unfortunately there isn’t much functionality added to the app. The only are where you can use 3D touch is on the app icon. Upon 3D touching the app icon, you get a list of features that you can land to. If you ask within the app functionality, I wasn’t able to find any 3D touch implementation.


Shazam 3D touch

While Shazam is integrated with in the Siri itself, but there is some functionality of 3D Touch for the app. If you 3D Touch the App icon, you get a shortcut menu from where you can jump right into Shazam now and start recording which is great.


Pinterest 3D Touch - Best iOS Apps With 3D Support

I am not really a user of Pinterest but efforts of the developers are really shining here. You can 3D touch on any picture and you get some options right on the picture itself, you can repin it and do some other cool stuff. Ofcourse you can pop right into the picture with a firmer press.

3D touching the app icon also has 3D touch functionality, you can search for pins, create a board and look whats trending.


Evernote 3D touch - Best iOS Apps With 3D Support

Evernote is a really popular note taking app and with 3D touch you can set a reminder, take photo and create a new note right from your home screen. Just 3D touch the app icon and you’ll see the menu right away. If you have links inside your notes, you can 3D touch the link and have a look at the link without leaving the app, just like everywhere in the iOS.

There are many other apps also getting 3D touch treatment but these are the top 5 best iOS apps with 3D support which I thought are really great.

If you have any other suggestions, I will be more than happy to update the list. Do let me know in the comment section below what you think about the 3D touch. If it is a gimmick or a real feature?