5 Best PokeZZ Alternatives

Pokemon Go has been the most played game of 2016, after its release it got so famous, everyone was playing Pokemon go and living in the world of Pokemons was quite the fantasy for all of us millennials since we grew up watching Pokemon, so suddenly having a game to go outside and have the chance to catch our favorite Pokemons was pretty much everything.

But for some of us more lethargic people, the thing is Pokemon Go is a walking GPS game and you have to use your location and GPS and then you actually have to go outside and walk around until you find a Pokemon and try catching it before it disappears, and then the issue remains of running out of Pokeballs and then also going to have to walk to the PokeStops to get more PokeBalls. That is something that not all users want.

So a lot of people released hacks to bypass the real life walking but they do not work anymore because Niantec updated its anti-theft system for the game, making all the hacks obsolete.pokezz alternatives

The Other (Easier) Way to Find and Catch Pokemons

Talking about hacks, PokeZZ is a website for tracking all sorts of Pokemons, to figure out what area they are hiding in, their exact location, it also displays the time for which they would stay and then the time on which they would disappear. The PokeZZ website has a never ending list of Pokemons appearing and disappearing all the time since it is updated after every minute. This website is legit and the list of Pokemons is verified, the list shows the exact location and timing of the Pokemon to make things easier for you when you play Pokemon Go.

So as much as we would like this hack to work when we are catching our Pokemons, most of the time PokeZZ does not work so here we have compiled a list of best 5 Alternatives for PokeZZ, and you’ll still have all the features and still get to catch all your Pokemons.

List of 5 Best PokeZZ Alternatives to easily play Pokemon Go:


  • Number 1: PokeSpawns:


PokeSpawns is the one that tops our list because it is an amazing website where you can find all the Pokemons from the Pokemon world, of all different types and even the legendary ones such as Porygon. It mentions the exact location and time of appearance and disappearance of the Pokemons. PokeSpawns is built by PokeHuntr, and is a great website to find Pokemons, especially the ones which are legendary and hard to catch, so do try this alternative for PokeZZ to find your favorite Pokemons.


Here is a link to the PokeSpawn website that you can have a look at: http://spawns.pokehuntr.com/


  • Number 2: PokeDexs


PokeDexs is yet another great and accurate website to find Pokemons in your area. What make it very unique is that it divides the Pokemons into small categories so it is more easier for you to find the Pokemons, and look for the exact Pokemon you are wanting to catch

Here is a link to PokeDexs: https://pokedexs.com/

  • Number 3: PokeSniper


PokeSniper is a terrific app that allows you to detect, snipe and catch the Pokemons that you want to, and it has a very high IV level as well. PokeSniper lets you know the exact location of the Pokemon that you are looking for, with the IV Level 90+. This way you can catch a Pokemon of a very high level. The other important feature it offers is that it sends you notifications each time about the Pokemon with IV Level 90+, so you will always know about your Pokemon with the high IV level, for you to catch. It also offers Premium services. The premium services tell you about IV Level 100% Pokemons and that just makes it all the more important and special. You will have to pay to have access to the Premium services of course but all in all this is a great alternative for PokeZZ.

You can try the PokeSnipers here once you click on the link: http://pokegosnipers.com/

  • Number 4: PokeGoSnipers

PokeGoSnipers is yet another great website and a recommended PokeZZ Alternative. PokeGo Snipers gives you a real sniper feed for Pokemons, it specifies the location for you and also shows rare, hard to catch and legendary Pokemons.

PokeGoSnipers also does not really work on PC but is available for Android devices and iOS.

Try this PokeZZ Alternative from this link here: http://pokegosnipers.com/

And last of all we have

  • Number 5: PokiiMap


PokiiMap is a another PokeZZ Alternative, and is in the form of an app. You can use the PokiiMap app to scan all the Pokemons present in your area and the places near you, without walking around or moving at all. PokiiMap has a lot of features to help you catch awesome Pokemons and have fun while doing it. It also supports the latest Gen II Pokemon, it has a Scanner to scan for Pokemons and is available on your Android, nothing better to ask for.

To make PokiiMap work, you will have to download the app and then set up an account using your Gmail or PTC account. With this app you can also filter out the Pokemons you really want, and every time this filtered Pokemon appears near your location you will be notified. The Pokemon appears with its detailed information like the Name, IVs, Level and all its abilities and other stats.

Download and try PokiiMap from this link here:

That’s all for our PokeZZ Alternatives, I hope you find which one works the best for you and enjoy.

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