2015 is a great year for gamin.These are the 6 best games you should be playing right now on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I have compiled a list of the 6 most awesome and best ios games for your iPhone and iPad. Some of these games are new releases, some of them are not so old. So here goes the top ios games for 2015.

6 Best Games For iOS (iPhone & iPad)

1. Looney Tunes Dash

6 best games for ios

Although the picture may not seem quite HD but this is certainly the most awesome game for ios in 2015. Looney tunes Dash is the latest app created by Zynga . Resembles Sonic Dash and Temple Run.

With this best game for iPhone and iPad you can jump,smash,slide,run,kick Daffy and do more. As the game processes the difficulty increases.

The game starts with the concept of bugs bunny running from Elmur and along with Daffy Duck .You have to complete levels in Looney Tunes Dash , unlike temple run where you had an infinite run. Also the moving is not Sensor Type, you have to swipe to move bugs while running, just like Subway Surfer. This is one of the best games for iPhone and iPad in 2015.Also for iPhone,iPad and ios 8.
You can download Looney Tunes Dash App Free from the AppStore .

Flingbest games free for iphone

Fling was in the top US ,UK, Australia, Canada paid apps for a month.Fling is from the best games of all time. Featuring a puzzle type environment for the player.Fling starts as a puzzle games featuring characters as fur balls. What you have to do is hit a ball with another ball in its line untill only one remains. You also get limited amount of hints if you cannot find a way. Fling is a great and addictive iosgame.The balls seem amazing and really high definition, real smooth while playing. Once you start playing fling you cannot go back.

Fling is free from Apple Appstore with limited levels. You can also upgrade to more levels for a little fee.

Stupid Zombies 2best games for ios addictive

I remember when i attend a boring lecture,i pull out my cell phone, tap StupidZmbie2 and Start playing.Stupid zombie 2 is not a heavy game like call of duty etc but its better. Stupid zombies 2 has more levels than you can play.Each difficult than the other.When you finish a level, you get a rating out of three stars.These stars help you in unlocking advance levels. Stupid zombies 2 has many levels and each level contains sublevels .

When you play this awesome ios game, you get a gun and a man.The man is idle, and there are zombies in a closed room. You get 2-4 bullets.The bullets bounce back of walls.So you have to kill zombies using less bullets as possible.

This is a highly addictive game, i should warn you. Stupid zombies 2 is available for free on Apple Appstore.

Fly Bird Speedflappy bird best games

Remember Flappy Bird ?.From the best games and the most addictive games ?.You can never beat classics.Fly Bird Speed is just like Flappy Bird but 2015’y.Fly Bird Speed has better graphics,better gameplay.The best of all that FlyBirdSpeed lets you gather points and use them to generate an extra life. So when you fall, you can use your points to relive and give it a second chance. So you can basically sum up your points, and score maximum.
Fly Bird Speed is a flappy bird of the next level.You get more and better.

You can download and install fly bird speed for free from apple’s appstore on your iPhone and iPad. It will work on all ios including ios 8.

Pac-Man FriendsPac-Man-Friends-iPad

Pac Man Friends is the modern version of the very old best pacman Game. This new pac man friends features an original gameplay,similar to the classic pacman game.You have to run through the mazes and avoid being eaten.Collect Dots and make your way to the the ghost castles and rescue your friends. This game features a total of 95 Levels, 5 control modes, 8 friends to rescue,rewards and much more. Pac-Man Friends is a more advananced and enhanced version of Pac-Man.

The game is for iphone and ipad and is 4.99$ from the appstore. But you can get it free from appcake or panda app (requires Jailbreak).

8Ball Pool

As always, still in 2015 the 8 ball pool remains one of the best games on ios. Most played and addictive snooker,billiard game of all time. 8Ball pool is developed by miniclip.It is an online, social network game where you play online with a competitor that can be from anywhere in the world. The goal is to win the game and earn,awards,achievements,gold coins.It has a couple of different levels,each demanding a certain achievement and person leve.You can play for high coins in advanced pool tables.

8 Ball Pool is a highly addictive game .Once you get into the game, you will want to play more and more.This game has got much popularity and people are always searching for a 8 Ball Pool Hack. However 8ball pool has a strong anti cheat system, so they will ban you if you ever try to cheat.

This game is regularly updated and has cool compitetion features. You can download this game for free from the AppStore.

So these 6 were some of the most amazing and best games for iPhone,iPad and ios that you should really play and install in 2015 on your iDevice.Apart from them, there are many other cool games which are new in the store.Some are yet to come.

Again, these games are fully supported by iPhone,iPod and ipad.You can play them on your ios 8.However some may have stopped support for ios 6 and downwards.You can get many of them for free.IF any is paid, simply jailbreak, install appcake and get the app.

These 6 best games for ios will keep you company in your boring time and will give you a good entertainment.


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