8 easy steps to start Mac in safe mode


Every kind of laptop has a safe mode in which you can safely operate it without having to worry about losing your data. Windows PC has this feature too. Here, you can operate your computer while it is giving you issues and you can be sure that every other program has been shut off temporarily.

Similarly, there is an option of operating mac in safe mode as well. Mac offers a feature where you can disable all apps and programs for a while and operate it in a specialized mode while troubleshooting. It makes sure that only the drivers that are needed for a restart are being used. Once it makes use of those drivers and completes the reboot solving the troubleshooting problems, it will operate normally again.


How to start mac in safe mode successfully:

Step 1: the first step to start mac in safe mode is to shut down your PC completely if it is turned on. You can do this in two ways depending on your situation. If it is turning off from your menu, then do it from there and if you are unable to do so, then simply press the power button for around 5 seconds and that will do the job.

Step 2: then once it has switched off, switch it on again and wait for it to start.

Step 3: however, do not wait for it to start fully and switch on completely. While it is in the middle of being started and during its boot is taking place, press the shift key on your Mac. However, for FileVault users, you are supposed to release the shift key. This is to be done while you are encrypting the disk that manages startup. As soon as you let go of the shift key, enter your Mac password.

Step 4: for people who do not use FileVault and have pressed the shift key as instructed in step 3, release the key as soon as your Mac starts and you see the Apple icon.

When your Mac is going to be switched on, it will automatically be in safe mode now. You can safely perform any action that you want to without the risk of losing data or any files going corrupt. There is a very bleak chance of safe mode not being successfully switched on after this. If that is the case, simply repeat the procedure again.

mac in safe mode

How to Exit mac in safe mode successfully:

Once you are done, using your mac in safe mode, you can now exit safe mode and start working on your laptop safely like before. In order to do this, all that you have to do is turn your laptop off by shutting it down. This time, do not use the power key to turn it off and do not press the shift key while it is being turned on. Simply go to your Apple menu and click on shut down from there.



These were 4 fairly simple steps of operating your Mac in safe mode. Often times, our Macs give us issues and we know how to deal with them but are too scared about losing our data or affecting the programs and apps in any other way. This makes sure our data is protected and we are free to work on our Mac to solve those issues.


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