Although i should have given this article the moment i started my website because this is a basic cydia article which all newbies on cydia are going to love.

Cydia is nothing without sources. Sources are like food to cydia.They feed apps and tweaks to cydia which cydia installs on your iphone, ipod or ipad. By adding new and new sources and repos to cydia.You get new apps, new tweaks, new themes, new stuff. But for a newbie insatlling new sources could be hard.

  • Basically , adding a source to cydia and adding a repo to cydia is the same thing. But as i have mentioned in the article heading ,im going to say sources in this case.

Whats First

You need to first of all jailbreak your iphone. For this guide, im going to take into account the new OS’s of Apple, the ios 8 and ios 7. Since 80% of the iphones now use these operating systems.

If your on ios 8 then click here to jailbreak . If your on ios 7 then click here to jailbreak.

Steps : How to add Repo to Cydia

If you want to add repos/sources to cydia and you want to know how to add sources to cydiathen this is the shortest,most understandable and simplest way of doing it on ios 7 and ios 8 which im going to show you below in these easy steps.

  • Open your cydia app from your jailbroken iDevice. Look on the below menu and go to Sources on your ios 7/ ios 8 jailbroken device.IMG_1171.PNG
  • When you go to sources ,you will see a complete list of all your added repos in cydia. From here you can also delete sources/repos that you dont use.But for adding sources ,tap on Edit.IMG_1172.PNG
  • When you tap on edit, you will get two new options ,Add Done. Here you will also see  – sign meaning that you can delete these sources. Just click on Add.IMG_1174.PNG
  • When you tap on add, a new popup dialogue box will appear asking you to Enter your Cydia/APT Url. This is your Cydia Repo/Cydia Source that you will be adding to cydia. Remember to remove the http:// from your source as it is already provided in the dialogue box.IMG_1175.PNG
  • When you have written your Cydia Source URL then select add source and cydia will begin installing that Repo to its database.

Done !! During the installation process if you get any errors then ignore them. Sometimes people get errors but the source is correctfully installed.

This was the whole simple story on How To Add Sources To Cydia with snapshots and complete steps. Remember that the Cydia UI is from the new cydia version running on ios7 or ios8.


The Power Of Cydia Sources/Cydia Repos

Cydia sources are the backbone of cydia. Cydia has a few preinstalled sources that are developed by the same person but the good thing is that those other 3rd party repos are much better. They provide the best apps, best tweaks, best customizations for your iphone and your iDevice.

Remember that for the Cydia you need to jailbreak. There is no way to install cydia on your iOS Device untill or unless you jailbreak it.Jailbreaking is like giving a new life to your iOS Device.

Hope you liked this article. If you have any queries, feel free to comment and i will be happy to answer. Thankyou for reading and please share my post to support me.

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