Many of you may have had experience with a stock android phone and you may know that the stock android os, like google nexus which does not feature a home physical button have three navigation control touch buttons on the bottom of the screen. These navigation buttons are extremely helpfull for going back, home, multitasking and navigating through your android device. Unfortunately, iphone, ios lacks this feature. We only get a home button which is used for everything. Rather than three different buttons for back, home, recent apps. If you have ever been anoyed by this then i have a great cydia tweak that you will love. This cydia tweak will add ndroid like navigation controll touch buttons aka android navigation buttons to your ios and to your iphone . For iphone 4s screen size it may be a little annoying as the screen is a little less to cover the android navigation buttons but for iphone 5 and above devices it will work like a charm and for ipad this cydia tweak will be an eye candy.

Android Navigation Buttons On iOS
The name of the Cydia tweak is AlternateControls.

About AlternateControls Cydia Tweak : Android Navigation Buttons on iOs

Price : 0.99$

AltermateControls Cydia Repo : BigBoss Repo

ios Compatibility : ios 8 ,iOS 10 ,iOS 11 Or higher

iCompatibility : Iphone 4s,iphone5,iphone5s,iphone5c,iphone6,iphone6 plus,ios 10/11 ipad

Author : Ian Burns

Tweak Version : 1.0.0-1

Tweak Size : 196 kB

Special Feature : Adds Android Navigation Buttons to iOs 8 and Above

Download AlternateControls Cydia Tweak : Android Navigation Buttons on iOS

First you need to jailbreak your ios 10 and download/install cydia on your iphone,ipad. Add the big boss repo (It is preadded in cydia).Then proceed to the following steps.

Step 1 :

Open up your cydia app and goto the search menu.

Step 2 :

Now type in the search box , AlternateControls and hit enter or it should popup.

Step 3 :

Now open the tweak and install Alternatecontrols : android navigation buttons tweak .You have to purchase the tweak for 0.9$. Android Navigation Buttons On iOS

Step 4 :

After installation and download respring your iDevice and After you respring, AlternateControls : Android Navigation Buttons will be working on your ios 10/11 device either iphone or ipad.

Configure AlternateControls Cydia Tweak : Android Navigation Buttons on iOs

AltenateControls comes with inbuilt settings in the settings app on ios 10/11. From there you can customize various features of the Android navigation software buttons . You can change the colour,its behavious, and its other aspects.Android Navigation Buttons On iOS

AlternateControls Cydia Tweak Features

Android Navigation Buttons On iOS

So For AlternateControls Cydia Tweak

It is a great tweak in bringing android lollipop like navigation touch/software button to ios 10/11. Just for a small price you get a handfull of features for iphone. Its a helpfull tweak, The buttons do not always stay on the scree, they dissappear eventually and you can bring them back by swiping right or left, whichever setting you chose for it. You get many features in one place. Android Navigation Buttons Tweak is the best for new jailbreaked ios USers coming from android. It provides an android lollipop similar interface on ios 10/11. Please remeber that it will not work on ios 7 ,only on ios 8/9/10/11 and above versions. AlternateControls cydia tweak provides you android like multitaksing, recent apps tabs which are easy to navigate through and hides the need for double pressing/tapping the homebutton. The circle button is used to return to the homescreen, the square button launches the app switcher page and the arrow button is used to go back.Over and all it is a great cydia tweak , worth a try.


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