How to Get Android Like ‘Back’ Button on iPhone?

Sometimes Android navigation buttons can be enviable for an iPhone user. Advent of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus did not make it any easier. Jailbreak might be an option to install navigation tweaks but that is not an option for everyone. Read more to find out how you can add a back button on iPhone 6 & 7.


Back Button on iPhone 6 screen protector

Halo Back is a name of the company that has designed a first of its kind screen protector that falls in the ‘smart’ category. What this brilliant invention does is that it can add a back button on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus & 7. This back button is within your thumb’s reach.

The company, Halo Back, has kept the audience in mind and has given them a back button in iOS right next to Touch ID / Home button on iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.


How does this Screen Protector adds a Back Button on iPhone?

This smart screen protector does not move anything to do the job. It is designed with a circuit layer that is embedded in traditional glass screen protector design. All a user has to do is to press the lower left corner of the protector, the circuit layer inside the glass screen protector will trigger the back button by simply simulating the touch of the user on the back button on top left of the screen.

Halo Back Screen Protector Back Button on iPhone 6

Although iOS does support simple swipe gestures that will trigger the back navigation button but still this new protector gives you a more user-friendly and quickest possible option as it is right next to the Home button and it is much easier and accurate.

Any ex-Android device user would know how simple and easy it is to navigate back through a button right next to the home button.

Like other glass screen protectors in market, Halo Back provides the same level of protection such as glass shatter resistance from drops and scratch resistance. This screen protector not only gives you a back button functionality but it is also anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-blast and ultra-clear.

Halo Back is a crowd-funded project and its team had set out to collect $20,000 on KickStarter, however to our surprise, the project has already attracted over $83,000 with still 18 more days left to go.

Unfortunately, all the early bird offers for a single unit are gone but there is still a chance for bulk offers.

It is expected that delivery will start somewhere in August 2015. Estimated retail price is $49 per unit and though initial launch is for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus but Halo Back team has hinted that it is probable to release a version for iPhone 5s as well.

Update: ITs now available in market for lower price.