iOS 9 Jailbreak has been with us a couple of months now and it has already gained popularity. Cydia and jailbreak are the provider of free apps and tweaks. The best cydia apps is a popularly searched term in Google. People are constantly looking for Top cydia tweaks and apps, recently for 2017. In addition to older tweaks getting updated, there is also a wide range of new releases from cydia. These new apps contain some of the most amazing features that one can get on an iPhone and iPad.

To help you find the best and must have cydia tweaks for ios 9 for 2017 .This list of top 10 contains some of the most used,downloaded,awesome,must have best cydia apps for ios 9 and your iPhone plus iPad. This will make your iOS user experience very much easy and effective. It’ll make you use your iOS device with more fun.

Now in the below top 10 list you will find some of the most amazing,must have cydia tweaks for ios 9. Some will also work on ios 8 but ios 9 will be the core compatible apple firmware version.Now first you have to jailbreak your iPhone and iPad.For these top 10 best cydia apps you have to install cydia on your iDevice. Then proceed with installing the following cydia tweaks.

List Of Top 10 Best Cydia Apps for iOS 10

So these are the top 10 cydia apps from jailbreak that you must have on your iPhone,iPad,iPod.

1. Auxo 3cydia apps top

Auxo 3 is a brilliant cydia tweak and is one of the most downloaded cydia tweak of all time.What auxo 3 does is that it combines the control center and the app switcher bringing you more feature in one place and a brilliant interface. From the best cydia apps auxo 3 has its place first. Because this little cydia app is none the less the most useful app.In addition to that it has some additional features for switching apps, return to home screen and much more. Auxo 3 from the best cydia apps is available for 2.99$ from cydia.

2. Asosasos

Asos is a cydia tweak + cydia app that specializes in privacy of your iOS Device. It adds pass code and touch id protection to specifically chosen apps. So if you want additional security to your apps then this is a must have cydia tweak to install. Asos can help you protect private apps and data from strangers. No one without your pass code or your finger print will be able to open that application. It will remain secure. This is a premium cydia tweak that will cost you about 0.99$ from cydia.

3. Browser Changer

Coming from an android phone it is very difficult to adjust to iPhone interface.You can install new browsers but you cannot change to them by default.This Tweak from the one of the best cydia apps will help you in changing the default browser to your loved one. You can open pages,links from anywhere in your favourite selected browser instead of going to safari. This cydia tweak is free and will cost you nothing.

4. CamrixCamrix

Camrix lets you take photos while you are working on your phone. This cydia tweak will let you multitask camera from anywhere without even launching your camera app. You will see an overlay screen which will show you the camera and take photos easily. You can assign the activating gesture to launch the overlay camera according to your easiness. This cydia tweak is available for 1.99$ from cydia and is from one of the best cydia apps / tweaks of all time. This will enable multitasking like android on your iPhone.

 5. Conferoconfero

You are a busy person. You get tons of notifications. There are times when you miss the most important message, call, notification because you just forget them. Well Confero cydia tweak , cydia app is for you. Confero cydia app will arrange your notifications in a separate pop-up window like folder. When you click it.You will be able to view all your pending notifications you need to review. You cannot miss any because confero combines and places them all in one place. You get a little box with circle like shape in your task bar. You can open and review your pending notifications from there. This is a premium app about 1.50$.

6. CCSettings

It is one of the most best cydia apps ,tweaks of all time. CCsettings ia a classic cydia app , cydia tweak that every jailbreaker should have. By default in control centre you cannot change the positions of buttons. CCSettings allows you to add,remove,rearrange setting toggles in control centre. This is a free tweak you can get from cydia for no price. CCSettings is a great tweak in customizing control centre in ios 9.

7. Centrum (iPad)Centrum-tweak-cydia jailbreak

Centrum cydia tweak is for ipad users. It is a great tweak for using iPad without difficulties. In iPad the task baar is on the top and you have to move your whole hand to open it. Now with Centrum cydia app you can open your notification centre from the side by swiping from right to left or from left.How you choose it. Kind of like android. Centrum brings iPad closer to Mac by replacing the usual notification centre with the one inspired by OS X’s notification centre. This is a premium tweak but the cost adds up to its features. Nothing compared to what it does.Start using centrum and will not live without it.

8. iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro is amongst the top 10 best cydia apps of 2017 ,2018. iCleaner Pro will clean up your iDevice without deleting any of your important data. You’ll be surprised when you see how much junk iCleaner clears up on your iPhone and iPad. For some it is more than 2-3 gb. For me it was 1.5 gb. iCleaner pro is great for those who want to quickly make space on their phone without deleting anything. What this tweak does is that it will delete the cache junk files saved. These files are not important but merely a burden to the phone. Use iCleaner Pro often to keep your Phone,Pad healthy.It’s free on cydia.I’ve got to tell you. iCleaner Pro is from the best free cydia apps of 2017.

9. F.lux

Flux is a great cydia tweak for your eyes.F.lux changes the color density of your screen making it more suitable and comfortable to stay focused on the screen. It’s perfect for those users who browse much,read books on their iPhone , iPad. It will automatically warm up screen colours at night and at day. This not only makes your screen more comfortable for night but is also good for your eyes. This great cydia tweak is a cydia free app. Flux is the from the Best Cydia Apps iOS 7.

10. Wallmartwallmart cydia twak

With WallMart your wallpaper will automatically change after you unlock device,perform a gesture or after your give specified time. Wallmart adds the functionality of autoplay wallpapers to your iPhone,iPad. It will change your iPhone,iPad wallpapers automatically.You have to provide it the correct preferred way to do that. In wallmart you can either select stock images or use your own photo album. This is one of the best cydia jailbreak tweak to beautify your iPhone,iPad,iPod touch.
Wallmart is free on cydia.

In conclusion these were the top 10 cydia apps,tweaks ,best cydia apps and must have’s of 2017.You should really try them and give us your opinion.

Have any other tweak/app that you would like to add in the list ? Do tell us.



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