Top 7 Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018

With the new year , i was thinking of what better way than to tell you guys which would be the Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018 . As 2018 is going to be a long year  we should really get ahead of it. Install on cydia what would be the best for cydia and stay up to date with the new apps ans tweaks from cydia.

Cydia Repository is the source where developers update,store,keep and update their apps, tweaks, themes and games. If you want to search for a theme,app or a tweak .Just tap the Cydia repository and Find with in it using its categories.
As you may know from your jailbreak experience, cydia comes preinstalled the best Cydia Repos, i.e. BigBoss, Modmyi,Telesphoreo etc.There are the sources which you want to keep on your cydia app on your iphone. E,g theses are the sources containing the majour app updates and apps from verified developers.
However , preinstalled or not, this review is going to be the Best Cydia Repos / sources for 2018 which you must have on your cydia cydia repos

The Top 7 Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018

If you are looking for some great cydia repos to stick to in 2018 or if you have jailbreaked your idEvice in 2018 then i would recommend you the following top 7 cydia sources for 2018 on your iphone, ipad, ipod touch.Each cydia repo source will have its own separate hosting and will contain bundles of free apps and tweaks.However, some may cause you a teeny weeny amount.These repos also contain some of the best cydia apps for ios 10 and ios 11.These are cydia sources for ios 10 and ios 11.So lets get on with our top list of cydia repos.

1. BigBoss Repo

This is one of the best Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018 and not only for 2018, its been the best cydia source, cydia repo since its release. Every new day you will get the best applcations, tweaks,utilities on your iphone , ipad, ipod touch.Bigboss Repo is updated regularly on a daily basis for new applications,app and tweaks. Also it is the best source for Winterboard themes .Bigboss contains both free and Paid apps,tweaks,utilites.Bigboss holds full compatibility for ios 10 and ios 11.

  • Source:

2. ModMyi Repo

It is listed amongst the top 7 Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018. Modmyi also has its official website where new tweaks and updates are listed and people are notified.ModMyi contains tons of free stuff in majority. Its also the best cydia repo , cydia source for free tweaks , apps, utilities. However there are also some paid versions.Modmyi is also updated on a regularly basis.

  • Source:

3. ZodTTD

It would be wrong not to include ZodTTD in our list for Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018 .If you are searching for some cool Themes, Lockscreen customizations, iconsets, for you ipad,iphone or ipod touch than ZodTTD cydia repo is the place. There are thousands of cool themes, designs, ios customizations and more just waiting to get downloaded. This is a must have repo for Theme lovers and new cydia users.

  • Sources: ZodTTD –
  • Zodttd & MacCiti –

4. AppAddict

AppAddict is a cool cydia source which is going rapidly. It has its own website. For some reason i dont know why, is not working anymore,however i use Appaddict source, but i dont know whats the issue.Appaddict is the best place for AppLovers, with thousands of free apps in one place. Appaddict wins a spot in out list of Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018.

  • Source –

5. iPhoneCake

iPhoneCake is the famous host of the best installous alternative the AppCake. iphone cake is the home of many free Apps,Tweaks,Games and themes. You can install Appcake,Appcake+ or Appcake hD on your iDevice.It will provide you almost all of the paid apps which are cracked found on the appstore for free.Yes! absolutely free of charge. iPhoneCake is a must have cydia repo , cydia source for 2018 .

  • iPhone Cake Source –

6. xSellize

Its is one of the most popular source containing loads of apps, tweaks and games and utilities. I heard that those cydia tweaks which are paid on cydia on other sources.You can get them from XSellize completely free.Xsellize is the repository which also contains game emulators.It has the best and most wanted game emulators for iphone,ipad and ipod touches for ios 10 and ios 11 and all other ios verisons.Its surely the Best Cydia Repos / Sources for 2018 If you are a game lover, you cant opt out of this repo source.

  • xSellize source –

7. iHacksRepo

Have you heard about the famous installous alternative, Zeusmos ?. Yes iHacksRepo is the home of Zeusmos. It has large number of paid applications totally free in the form of cracked apps. iHacks Repo is one of the most wanted cydia reapo. After adding this repo, you just normally search for Zeusmos to install zeusmos on your iphone. Its similar to iphonecake cydia reapo.

  • iHacksrepo source –

8. Your Choice

I have left the 8th spot for your choice. Although the list is for 7 .This is because for some reasons people like odd numbers. HowEver you decide what the best cydia repo is for the 8th place. I would update this article with the cydia repo that is the most from comments. So please, comment a line or two about your best cydia repo,source for 2018 and i will add it here.

Some Other Best Cydia Repos / Sources For 2018 Worth Considering For The New Year

  • Insanelyi source:
  • ThemeItApp source:
  • Sinful iPhone source:
  • iHackStore source:

All the above listed cydia sources are the best cydia repos out there.They contain majority of the best cydia tweaks. These are fully compatible and a must have for yourjailbreaked iPhone,iPad,iPod touch.

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