Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone iOS 10 without Jailbreak

One of the major downfall of apple ios’s  safari is not a Flash Player Browser for iPhone, it has not been able to play flash. Flash player for safari has been the major problem of apple. We even could not find an app for flash player for safari on the Appstore. Apple wouldn’t simply allow flash on safari. Android does not have this problem. Even on the Android jellybean and above where android has removed the support of flash, users can install Adobe flash player app and play flash files on their stock android browser.

Now we are going to need a bypass for safari flash player. Maybe even a better bypass for safari flash player.Hell i could not even find a flash player tweak for safari on Cydia. So how can you run Flash Websites  on your iPhone. The answer is Simple. –> Using the best Browser that can play flash on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

flash payer for ios

Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone ,iPad ,iPod

The best Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone is without a Doubt a Bowser called “Puffin Free“. I don’t know if it exists for android users or not but the best way to access flash websites without safari is using this Puffin Browser. This browser is by far the best browser to play flash on iPhone. And in a few moments im going to tell you about how to install this, what are its features, its awesome design and Performance.Also, you must think im joking but, Puffin browser’s website opening and web loading speed is far more better than safari. You dont need a cydia tweak to speed up safari browsing, Puffin browser has that inbuilt.This is by far the best way to bypass and get flash player on ios 10, ios 11 in 2017.

Puffin Browser’s Official Website

How To Get Puffin Browse : Best Flash Player Browser for iOS 10 2017

Getting and installing Puffin Flash Browser for iPhone ,iPad, iPod touches is quite easy. You get flash for browser with no jailbreak and cydia tweaks, meaning this is completely legit method and if you have not jailbroken your iDevice you will not have to. This App is completely free of Charge on the Apple’s AppStore.

To download Puffin Flash Web Browser, Open your Appstore on your iOS Device —-> Goto your Search Menu —> Type in Puffin —> Select The Puffin Free Web Browser —> Select Get and Enter your Security Password —> Download.
Thats it, you dont need to do anything else, just an internet connection and an iphone. The rest is done by the appstore.

Compatibility Of Puffin Browser :Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

You may seem curious about whether Puffin Flash browser would be able to install on my iPhone 7 or my iOS 10/11 Device. I’ll tell you its compatibility.

i Compatibility : iPhone , iPod(touches) , iPad

Model Compatibility : iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 ,iPhone 5s ,iPhone 6 ,iPhone 6+,iPhone 7,iPhone 7+, iPod above from 4th , iPad compatible with ios 7-10-11

iOS Compatibility : Fully Working On iOS 10 and Its SubVersions , Fully Working On iOS 9,11 and Its SubVersions

Puffin has been tested with the above and it seem to work More than ok. However for the devices not listed above can also try to run flash player browser Puffin For ios .

Puffin Features : Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

Puffin features many great things. It is from one of the best browsers on iOS. Certainly better than safari.

Puffin Features a great interface

  • Puffin features a download section for downloading stuff on your iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • It loads webPages at an incredible Speed
  • It loads Flash at an incredible speed
  • IT supports multiple Search Engines By Default
  • Great Performance, Will not slow down browsing experience
  • Is Free on the Appstore
  • Full Flash compatibility to play flash on iPhone ,iPad , iPod
  • Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone
  • Diagnostics for Network and its solutions feature
  • Server reconnection feature on Timeout

Some other great features which cannot be listed in one line are that, when you play a flash file on the Puffin free flash browser for ios 10 ,9 it gives you an option For Fullscreen for flash.Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

You can see the full screen square tab on the above right side. When you click this, the flash will open in full screen and you will again get various options. One great option is the TrackPad feature on Full Screen. It adds a mouse like experience on the phone for playing flash. This is really helpful if you are playing Flash player games or any other thing which is hard to control from a single finger. The trackpad opens like in the picture below.Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

The interface of Puffin’s Browser is simply amazing, when you open up the app, you will simply want to explore more and more, you get two homepages of Puffin’s browser. Where you get your bookmarks displayed in stylish icons. You can also change search engines within browsing mode.Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

So if you every wanted to Play flash files on safari and found  out that there is no way in hell you can do that, please Give puffin browser a chance. I am not telling you this because of 3rd party reasons, im telling you this because i personally use this app whenever i feel like the need to explore flash websites on the web,maybe even more than safari.This is not a cydia flash tweak for safari, it’s a separate webbrowser.And its more better than safari.
Best Flash Player Browser for iPhone

Thankyou For taking the time to read this post about best flash player browser for iphone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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