These 3 Still Remain the Best Installous Alternatives (2016)

Installous Alternatives iOS 8, iOS 9,iOS 10 – Top 3 (2016)

Installous was a pretty awesome app and a great cydia tweak early in the 2011-2-13. It provided us with many great free apps and games which we could not get from anywhere else on the internet. Sadly, installous was shut down by along with all the great apps and games.

iPhone and iPad users were left orphans when they all heard the sad news. But surprisingly. The shutting down of installous paved way for the emergence of top great new installous alternatives which were there to help us. They provided the same features as installous and were starting to become more and more great .

Even with the continuous updates from ios 6 to ios 7 and to ios 8. They updated themselves and did not shut down.

Now today. When 90% of the users use ios 8+. I am going to tell you some of the best installous alternatives for ios 7, ios 8 , ios 8.1.1, ios 8.1.2, ios 8.1.3, ios 8.2, ios 8.3 which can certainly beat installous in features.Top-Best-Installous-Alternatives3-Great-Installous-Alternatives

Installous Alternatives iOS 9, ios 10 To Get Paid Apps for Free (2015)

So let’s get on with our list.

1. Appcake

Appcake is a great alternative to installous and vshare. It is hosted by and is amongst the most respected members of the jailbreak community. Appcake provides you with many great apps and features on ios 8.

Appcake works to install iPA files. You can search an app, and download it using appcake. And also install it. This is by far the best installous alternative for ios7 and ios 8.

Appcake Repo , Appcake source for cydia :

2. vShare

Vshare is another great addition to our list. Just like appcake, it is a cracked app store for jailbreak users as well as non jailbreak users.So you can download and install vShare for free on a non cydia device. Also it holds support for android users. You can get vShare if you are on iOS or on android. It will support both.

vShare will offer you paid apps and tweaks for free. The best thing is that almost any app you want, you will find it here. Installous has relived again inside vShare. You can also get apps from its website. VShare.Com .Which holds proof that it is a legit and working cydia app.

How to install vshare without jailbreak.
Vshare Source , Vshare Repo for Cydia:

3. PandaApp

This is not a cydia tweak nor a cydia app. But merely a website which holds some of the greatest and all ios app for free. From raymen legends to gta san andreas.You will be able to find and download all the apps from here. Completely free of cost.

I have used PandaApp for a couple of free apps and games on my ios 8. And it is the best free ipa site to download cracked ipa’s from. You get non broken download links. Every download is bound to work. PandaApp is a quality site. You will not regret you used this.

The process of installing an app is through iTunes. Just download and install it through iTunes. Remember that you also need jailbreak and appsync for the applications and games to fully work on your iDevice,

This was it. I did not want to go long in the list and only wanted to mention the apps which i have personally used and are working on ios 8 in 2015.

Tell me what do you think of this. What is your favorite installous alternative on ios 8,9,10 ?.

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