If you’re using ios 11, then probably you’re not the first and the only person to experience bluetooth issues on your iPhone or iPad. Since every new version of the iOS that is released is not the perfect one. Especially those having .00 suffix version. For example ios 10.0 or ios 11.0 .There are later updates to improve the previous faults on the publicly released version of iOS. If your experiencing any issues after the ios 11 update. Then probably you’ll have to apply a fix or do something to get it working. But if you’re a patient one. Then hopefull in ios 11.1 or 11.0.1 etc. Most of the issues will be fixed.

iOS 11 includes hundreds of new features. Its a complete redesign of the previous version of iOS10. The improvement of battery life, speed, enhancements, control center, notification center, new added themes and much more.

But then there are some issues, for example what I’ve been experiencing is the issues with the Wi-Fi, lag, mobile data and bluetooth.So in this post, We are going to discuss about the Bluetooth issue on ios 11 and a valid fix for it.Don’t worry, this will not take much of a time. Just some simple steps to get it working again.

Note : Ensure firstly that the problem is really on your iphone or iPad and not with the accessory you’re trying to connect. While having iOS 11 installed. So confirm by trying to connect that accessory with your Mac, PC or another iDevice.

The fix works for iPhone 6/7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X/10control center ios 11


Fixing the iOS 11 Bluetooth Problems 

Now that the problem lies within your iPhone on iOS 11 and your bluetooth is causing you issues and problems, while carrying out certain actions. Here is a few solutions you could try to fix bluetooth problems on your iOS11.

1. Turn Off and Reboot

The first and the best thing you could try is turn off the blue tooth on your iDevice and restart your iPhone. But not in the simple way. Then check again.

  1. Go to settings, Bluetooth and Turn Off.
  2. Now, do a hard reset on by holding the Volume Down button and the power button. Keep holding them till you see the apple logo or a black screen.
  3. Now when it powers on, enable it again and check whether the problem presists or not.

2. Try Forgetting Device

So still your device is unable to pick up the bluetooth accessory. You can try forgetting the device from your list of paired devices.And pair again.

           bluetooth not working fix ios 11bluetooth not working fix ios 11

  1. Open setting and go to Bluetooth
  2. Tap on the device which is in the list. The device which is not connecting to your ios 11.
  3. Now touch on “Forget This Device” and confirm your selection.
  4. Then again search and try pairing again. Hopefully this will work.

Most of the time, the problem is solved using this fix.

3. Resetting Network Settings on iOS 11

The last thing you can try is resetting your network settings to get blue tooth working again on your ios11 and fix the issue/problem. This can be done easily by these steps. Don’t worry. None of your Data will be lost.

reset network settings ios 11

  1. Go to settings, General, Reset.

2. Go down and tap on Reset Network Settings

3. Now since it’s a security feature. It will ask you for your Passcode. Enter the password and confirm it.

4.Your iPhone will restart and the network settings will be reset.

Now start pairing again. For me this method fixed the Bluetooth not working on ios 11 issue. And I have an iPhone 7.

Understanding Bluetooth on iPhone

The first and foremost thing is understanding the limitaions on your iOS device. Here are somethings you cannot do with your bluetooth on iPhone.

  • You cannot connect to another smartphone for data transferring
  • You cannot play games via bluetooth with another smartphone
  • You cannot connect to an android device
  • You cannot anything accept paring a headphone accessory or stuff like that with your iphone or ios (11).

Hopefully this should have solved your issue. If not, the best thing to do is wait for an apple update for the next newer version of apple’s firmware. In my opinion, visiting of the apple store is a time waster. Because what they would is just restore or install a fresh version of ios 11. That’s it. You can do that by yourself.

If your bluetooth probelm/issue on ios 11 after updating still presists. Comment and I’ll tell you another fail proof method.


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