Browser Breadcrumbs Cleanup Tweak For iOS 9 [Cydia App]

We are talking about a tweak that is awkwardly named but actually really convenient. it’s called Browser Breadcrumbs Cleanup tweak. What this does is it cleans up all the open tabs in Safari browser once you close the browser in a certain way.

Normally what happens is that you are browsing the web and doing some work in Safari, once you are done with the browser and don’t need those recently opened browser tabs anymore. Wouldn’t it have been great if iOS 9 was smart enough to clear all the tabs once you hit the “back to app” button? Well Cydia has a solution for that.


Browser Breadcrumbs Cleanup Tweak for iOS 9

The tweak is surely named awkwardly but what it does, it does best. Suppose, you are checking your Instagram and then you go to a link from someone’s bio, your iPhone will open that link in safari and you’ll be able to see what’s inside that link. Once you’re done with that link, you press the “back to Instagram” button in the top left corner of the screen and you continue with your Instagram.

Now if you open Safari browser, you’ll see that the link, you visited from Instagram, is still chilling in the app and taking up memory. If you install Browser Breadcrumbs Cleanup Tweak, the tweak will automatically cleanup all the open tabs once you tap on ” back to app” button.

This tweak really comes in handy and saves you allot of memory and some battery as well. Works with both Chrome and Safari. Moreover the tweak is available in the bigboss repo for free. Just search for Browser Breadcrumbs Cleanup tweak and you’ll see the tweak right away.

Technically speaking every browser saves some data which include cookies and session id, called breadcrumbs. This little tweak cleans up that breadcrumb data every time you hit that back-to-app button. It does not clean the tabs if you press home button which is a good thing.

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