How To Hack/Bypass Apple iCloud Activation Lock [Tutorial]

Have you bought an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch through online shopping websites like Craigslist or eBay just to find out later that your iDevice has been locked? And shows you the iCloud activation lock page. That device becomes completely worthless because you cannot do anything. Here in this article, I will provide you step-by-step guide about how to bypass iCloud activation lock. ?

To help these users in making their locked iDevices usable again, hackers have recently found out a way to bypass Apple’s iCloud activation lock page allowing users to make their locked devices usable like an iPod touch because cellular services like calling and texting functionalities are not available yet.

The hackers make use of a DNS server IP address to exploit a feature named Captive Portal of the iOS, which is the only reliable way to bypass iCloud activation lock page.

This method is being successfully used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world and is completely compatible with a number of iOS versions including iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9.

The tutorial to use iCloud activation locked iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is detailed in the next section.


How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock?

The step by step tutorial about how you can bypass iCloud activation lock page on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is as follows.

NOTE: This tutorial uses iPhone as an example but the same steps applies to other iDevices including iPad and iPod touch.

Step #01 – We believe that your iPhone has already been connected to the Wi-Fi network. So first, we have to disconnect from any existing network and start from the beginning. If your iPhone is NOT connected to any Wi-Fi network, then skip the first three steps and begin from Step #04.

Access Wi-Fi settings by pressing the “Home” button and then tap on the “Wi-Fi Settings” option.

Step #02 – On Choose a Wi-Fi Network page, you will see a Wi-Fi network your iPhone is currently connected to. On the right side of that network, there will be a small “i” icon. Tap on that i icon to go into the network configuration page.

01 - Bypass iCloud Activation Lock bypass iCloud activation lock

Step #03 – Tap on “Forget This Network”. And on the popup confirmation window tap on “Forget” to forget that Wi-Fi network.

Step #04 – Press “Home” button, and tap on an option that says, “Start Over”. This is just to ensure that we are doing a fresh start.

02 - Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Step #05 – Now you must be on a language selection page. So from the list of languages, tap on your preferred language.

Step #06 – iPhone will now take you to a page that says, “Choose a Wi-Fi Network”. And here you will see a name of your Wi-Fi network. Now, instead of tapping on the name and then entering the password for your Wi-Fi, simply tap on that “i” icon to access the configuration page.

Step #07 – On the configurations page, find and tap on “DNS” to manually enter the DNS server IP address.

You can enter any one of these three DNS server IP addresses, depending on your location.

  • USA:154.51.7
  • Europe:155.28.90
  • Asia:155.220.58

Once you have entered the DNS server address, tap on the “Back” button to go back to the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” page.

Step #08 – Now you have to connect to your Wi-Fi network. So tap on your Wi-Fi network name and enter the password. Then tap on the “Join” button.

Step #09 – Now after successfully joining the Wi-Fi network, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait for a moment and a Captive Portal page will automatically popup.

Captive Portal is actually a feature that has been built into the newer versions of iOS, starting from iOS 8.4 and above. And hackers have exploited this feature to bypass Apple’s iCloud activation lock page while allowing the users to use some basic functionalities of their locked iPhone.

Step #10 – You can now go ahead and tap on the “Menu” button to browse and access all the features as well as the functionalities of the iPhone including apps like Flashlight, Clock, Internet, Mail, Maps, Camera and many other apps that you can use without any problem.

Congratulations, you have successfully bypassed Apple’s iCloud activation lock page of your iPhone.

We hope this tutorial assisted you in bypassing iCloud activation lock page of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Do let us know about your questions or queries related to the bypassing procedure in the comments section below.