CallBar iOS 9 & 10 Working Method – Receive Calls on iPhone Without Interruption

CallBar is one of the most downloaded Cydia tweaks on iPhone. It is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to receive calls on iPhone without interruption of the app you are currently using. Continue reading to find out more about this tweak.

CallBar shows a bar on top of the display, which is completely different than the full screen incoming call screen that appears during call, by default.

If you use your iPhone to do a lot of tasks at a same time throughout the day and calls interrupt your workflow, CallBar can help you a lot.

As shown in the picture, CallBar completely modifies the default call screen with a simplified bar that brings you all the basic buttons for the functionalities like Record, Mute, Speaker, Accept, or Reject the calls. And you can do all of these right from the CallBar interface.

Just like Genous tweak, I am going to give you a little example to help you better understand the working of the CallBar tweak.

Lets assume you are replying to a very important E-Mail and a call comes in. By default, the display of your iPhone will gerpt completely covered with the call and sometimes the email will go into the drafts folder. Now even if you reject the call, your workflow is completely disturbed.

However, on the other hand, if you have CallBar Cydia tweak installed on your iPhone, this is what the interface will look while the call is coming.

Callbar for iOS 9 Receive Calls on iPhone Without Interruption

CallBar for iOS 9 Free Repo

DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational purpose only. We do not support piracy in any way, and recommend you to pay for whatever you want. We take no responsibility for what you end up doing.

CallBar is available on the bigboss repo for download but you have to pay for it. In order to download the tweak for free, you have to add a custom repository to your Cydia sources. CallBar is so famous that there are many sources that are providing the tweak for free but I have listed a couple below.

Just add any one of the urls tou your cydia sources and you would be able to download CallBar to receive calls on iPhone without interruption.

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