Clearing Twitter App Cache in iOS


Twitter is a famous social media application that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the last few years. It works almost like Facebook but its hashtag and trending option is what makes it unique and highly desirable among today’s youth. This article will lead you through the steps of clearing Twitter app cache. 

Twitter, like most other apps, saves the content that you see on it so you can view it later without internet access too. However, this data counts as cache and takes up a lot of space. Recently, Twitter has released a new option with which clearing Twitter app cache successfully on your iPhone has finally been made possible.

Clearing Twitter App Cache in iOS

Step 1: download the latest version of Twitter from the App Store that is 6.73.1 for clearing Twitter app cache 

Step 2: open the Twitter app

Step 3: tap on the option that says ‘me’

Step 4: go to the settings option in the menu

clearing twitter app cache


Step 5: you will see an option of data usage under your general settings, click on that

Step 6: Under data usage, you will see media and web storage with the respective memory they take

Step 7: open media storage and clear that, then open web storage and clear that


People who have been twitter users since a long time can have a lot of cache saved on their devices. This could be around. It is highly advisable to keep a check on this and regularly clean your cache.


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