Cracked Apps Not Installing On iPhone/iPad/iPod Fix

First of all by cracked app you should already have your iDevice jailbreaked. This means that if you dont have cydia installed on your iphone,ipad or ipod then you cannot absolutely in no way intsall a cracked app on your device. You must first jailbreak your iphone to install cracked apps on your iDevice.

Jailbreak your iDevice. Read this short Cydia Guide

Assuming you already have jailbreaked your device and are now attempting to install a cracked app from vShare ,  Zeusmos ,  AppCake or if you are attempting to install cracked app that you have downloaded to your pc and are trying to install from iTunes and you cannot install the app.

If you have troubling installing a cracked app on a jailbroken iDevice and the app just dosent install or is giving some error or app is not opening after install on iphone or ipad or ipod then there is a quick fix for that.

Steps for Fixing Cracked Apps not installing issue

Just follow the simple steps below from your jailbreak Device

  • Open Cydia
  • Go to the search Section
  • Enter appsync for ios (your ios version) ,results will start appearing as you type.cracked apps
  • Select the appsync for your ios Version as this will be the one correcting your cracked app installing issue
  • Install the appsync for ios.
  • Respring or restart or in some cases it dosent require any respring or restart.
  • Done. Now Start installing that cracked app on your iphone/ipad/ipod again.

What appsync does is that it syncronises that cracked app and grants it permission from ios to be executed and to be installed. Appsync for ios  is a necessary feature especially if you are trying to install cracked aps and games from places like vShare,Zeusmos or AppCake+.

Your downloaded apps will cause problems if you dont have proper appsync version installed.

Once appsync is installed you can install any cracked app on your iPhone,iPad,iPod via third party appstores or through iTunes via your PC. IT Will Work.

If you have any questions , i will be happy to answer. Please share this on Social media to support me.Thankyou Very Much. Hope this solved your problem.


  • I have appsync and appcake installed on my iPad, it used to install apps hit note it Herod trying me to install appsync Fri a source they provide. Please help

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