Once you have decided to jailbreak your iOS device, it is time to add a well reputed source to your jailbroken device. Cydia sources are also referred to as repositories or “repo’s”. Reositories or Sources are actually the domain URL locations where Cydia tweaks and themes are hosted. The more Cydia sources you will have downloaded, the more Cydia apps and tweaks you will be able to install into your jailbroken device.

That is why here we have compiled a list of top 10 best Cydia Sources and Cydia repos that you can get into your iPhone. All of these share millions of free Cydia tweaks, utilities and themes for your jailbroekn iOS device.

Read ahead for Best Cydia Sources available for your iOS device:

Best Cydia Sources 2018:

1.     BigBoss Repository:

BigBoss repository is the best known and the most famous source available for Cydia. Once you jailbreak your iPhone, BigBoss Repository will be automatically installed since Cydia cannot function to its best without it. Here is the link from where you can have a look at the BigBoss Repository yourself:

  • Repo link:

2.     ModMyi Repository:

ModMyi Repository is once another very famous Cydia source available for your jailbroken iOS device. It has a various collection of tweaks that are categorized to make it easier for you to look for the tweaks e.g applications for education, entertainment, business and travel etc. Here is a link from where you can have a look at ModMyi Repository for yourself:

3.     iHacksRepo Repository:

iHacksRepo Repository is another well reputed Cydia source. It has available tweaks and applications as well as a customization setting for your iOS device. Here is the link for iHacksRepo Repository:

4.     iPhoneCake Repository:

iPhoneCake Repository is famous for intense gamers because iPhoneCake Repository provides a wide selection of video games that are neatly categorized and are free as well. In case you too are hardcore gamer, this Cydia source is just for you.

5.     Insanelyi Repository:

Insanelyi Repository is another famous and well-known Cydia repo. They have useful applications for download and an active forum where you can find out their latest updates and the newest application releases. The link to Insanelyi Repository:

  • Repo link:https://insanelyi.com

6.     FillipoBiga Repository:

Fillipobiga Repository provides amazing applications that can customize your iPhone or iPad. For example if you want to try out, Springtomize is a great application that will help you customize your iPhone / iPad neatly. It also allows you to change the icons, status bar, the folders and the carrier logo as well. Their link is:

  • Repo link:

7.     iForce Repository:

This Cydia repository is has a good reputation for its Bluetooth sharing. It has a variety of applications available for Bluetooth. The link to iForce Repository:

8.     xSellize Repository:

xSellize Repository is well known for the game applications it provides. It is another game repo. You can browse through thousands of available games from different categories like NES and SEGA games etc.

The link to xSellize Repository:

  • Repo link:

9.     InsanelyiRepo Repository:

Incase you are done with how boring your iPhone or iPad looks you can spice things up and completely transform the appearance of your iOS device with InsanelyiRepo Repository. It will help you o customize the features of your iOS device and make it a lot more interesting. The link to InsanelyiRepo Repository:

  • Repo link:

10.vShare Repository:

vShare is another good Cydia repo for installing amazing applications on your iOS device with multitudes of Cydia tweaks that you can browse from. The link to vShare:

We hope this article was helpful and you find the Cydia sources that work best for you. Good luck



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