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What Is Cydia And What Is Jailbreak ?

The most controversial thing about owning an iphone , ipad , ipod to decide whether to Jailbreak and Install Cydia or Not . To jailbreak or not to jailbreak, that is the question ! .But Before Jailbreaking and installing cydia You have to get the idea of Jailbreak and What is Cydia.

Cydia is the sole reason of why you jailbreak your iPhone or your ios Device.  You may have heard of many terms such as , cydia, jailbreak, installous, ios hack, unlocking etc etc , out of all , jailbreaking and installing cydia is the most popular term , as they unlock the true potential of your ios Device. Even though, Cydia is pretty old and the term jailbreak has existed since the birth of iphone, new users who have just joined the ios life community might not be familiar with it. Today, you and me are going to Dive in the deep sea of Cydia and Jailbreak and their basics.Learn what is Cydia and why you ought to jailbreak and install cydia on your ios Device. Later , i’ll tell you how to jailbreak and get cydia on iphone, ipod, ipad and other aspects.

What Is Cydia ?

Cydia is not an official app , released from apple but it is merely an independent, 3rd party application installer for all iOs Supported Devices. Cydia Is developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik) .It provides a similar concept to the official apple appstore for ios. Cydia Brings Apps and Tweaks which are not verified by apple to life on your iPhone, iPad, iPod either for free or for a small charge/free. You get to use apps that would not possibly be installed on iOs. IF you are thinking that why need cydia ? it is because cydia will offer you what apple does not.Let me give you an example, on the official non cydia installed iOs you can only set ringtones which are officialy present on your ios in Stock, or import through iTunese but first you have to convert it, you can not download ringtones nor you can install them from the apple appstore,While using cydia , it has an tweak called Vuziq which is easily available through the stock BiggBoss repo and its free,when downloaded it allows you to set video ringtones for incoming iOs Calls. Taking a famous example, Installous, Appcake, Zeusmos ,Vshare which will let you install all those premium apps found on Apple Appstore for some $$’s completely for free.

Basically it is important to jailbreak if you want to get cydia installed, in short words, the process of installing cydia is called as jailbreak.

Why Cydia was developed when we had the App Store

The Answer is Simple, Unlike android, apple is a jerk, it maintains iOs as a closed source which means that only apple is the sole responsible of all the changes, features, tweaks that will come with iOs. Unlike android Which is an open source operating system you cannot enjoy the fruites of Apple’s inventions.
So this longed for the creation of a third party app installer which paved way for new developers to develop more tweaks, apps for iOs and bring something new in the world of iOs.

What are Cydia repositories?

Just as apple appstore needs developers to provide you with fresh apps, Cydia needs its repositories to provide you with updated,fresh tweaks from developers. All repositories are owned by some one and they are filled in with different apps and tweaks. Basically you add these repos/repositories and then search from free apps and tweaks in cydia. Without repositories,cydia is a free,abandoned home.Repositories are an online hub where the developers release and store their tweaks for quick access and installation.

  • Some of the Best Repos For Cydia

How do you Purchase From Cydia

Although cydia is dominated by free apps and tweaks, some of the tweaks or apps might demand some fee to get premium features or apps. Cydia allows you to login via Facebook or Twitter accound and pay via amazon gift cards or Paypal. Payments are alot easier then we expect.

Some Great Free Cydia tweaks that you shoud try after Jailbreaking

What is Jailrbeak ?

People Often say, that what is jailbreak and what is  cydia, what is the different between jailbreak and cydia, can i install cydia without jailbreak ? will jailbreaking my iphone install cydia, what ios version does jailbreak supports ? .
Im going to clear all the confusions and give you a clear picture of jailbreak and cydia.

Being an iOs user and an ios Geek for a long time, i searched Google for all the information i could find about jailrbeak and cydia. I have come up with the simple possible explanations and i’ll tell you ! .

What is Jailbreak/jailbreaking ?
The process of installing Cydia through a third Party software such as evasi0n, pangu though your Pc, or Mac is known as Jailbreak and Jailbreaking.

Is Jailbreak and Cydia Different ?
No, they are in many ways same,The process is called jailbreaking and the outcome is Cydia Installed.

Can i install cydia or download cydia or get cydia without jailbreak ?
No you absolutely cannot get cydia/download cydia/install cydia without jailbreak.Even if there is a guide on the web, its a fake bookmark method which is not really cydia without jailbreak.

Is Jailbreaking Free ?
Yes jailbreaking is free and done by free Tools such as evasiOn , Pangu etc.

Can Jailbreak Brick My iPhone/iPad/iPod ?
I have not faced a problem but if it does, just restore your phone via itunes.

Can i Downgrade to an iOs version that apple is no longer signing ?
Maybe for the iphone 4 and below devices, having shsh blobs saved on cydia servers. Otherwise no , cydia cannot help you downgrade to an old ios version that apple is no longer signing.

Will Jailbreak Void My Warranty ?
Yes , by jailbreaking you will violate apple’s terms and conditions and therefore your warranty will be void.

Can i Remove Jailbreak ?
Yes you can Remove your jAilbreak, By putting your iPhone in D-F-U Mode and then restoring it via itunes. This will work with jailbreaked iPhones,iPads,iPods.

Does my iOs Version Supports Jaibreak and Cydia ?
Jailbreak and cydia is compatible with almost all ios versions and iphones,ipads,ipods. But still you should google it and get the correct result and method.

I beleive these are the major points,rumors and questions about jailbreak, still i’ve missed some, if you have any, dont hesitate to ask .

What is Tethered,Semitethered And Untethered Jailbreak ?

Tethered jailbreak requires you to plug in the iDevice into the computer every time the device reboots ,this means that you will loose jailbreak on rebooting your iDevice.

Semi-tethered jailbreak allows you to reboot without any issues but some of the downloaded jailbreak apps might not be accessible. Its a 50-50 chance.

Untethered jailbreak bypasses that, the jailbreak which is untethered is peremenant, does not dissappear after reboot.Untethered jailbreak is the #1 priority for all jailbreak users.

Should You Jailbreak and Install Cydia

Now coming to the most important question . Should you, Should I jailbreak my iphone and install cydia ? . Honestly speaking, in my opinion . Yes, You Should Definitely Jailbreak and Get Cydia . I was a cydiaphobic back when i bought my iphone, i had all kind of misconceptions about jailbreak and cydia that prevented me from jailbreaking and seeing past these false lies. One day, i researched and took a leap.I jailbreaked my ios 7 . The main purpose was that i wanted ios 6 theme back and more faster animations/transitions because at that time, the ios 7 transitions/animations were slow, so i jailbreakd and used cydia to get past that. Now seeing my action im glad that i did this. It opened a whole new world of ios for me, i was able to do stuff that normal ios wont just provide, my iphone was able to compete with Android and surprisingly, with ios features and Cydia’s help, my iphone was so much better than android. Its speed, iTs tweaks, its features, all were just WOW and amazing.I Beautified my iphone, installed some themes, downloaded AppCake and got all those premium apps for free.

If you are someone like me or a newbie, afraid or thinking about jailbreak and cydia ,whether to take the big step or not, i would just want to say that , hey ! its okay, dont think about it, just do it. You can always unjailbreak and go back to normal. I would recommend all ios users to atlease jailbreak and then try their iOS devices once in their ios Lifetime. Its amazing.

Thankyou for reading this wonderfull article. Please share it with your friends. Also if you have any questiosn. Please Dooo Ask Me. ?

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