10 Ways To Differentiate Between Fake And Original iPhone

Are you planning to purchase a brand new iPhone  for yourself? Or planning to give one to your friend as a present on his/her birthday? But you are worried if you are buying a fake iPhone or an original iPhone .

Now, you don’t need to be much concerned about it as you have come to the right place where I have found all the possible differences between fake and original iPhone.


Differences Between Fake And Original iPhone

We have found all the possible differences that you might come across while trying to find out if you have an original iPhone or a fake one.

All of the notable differences, either they are minor or major, are revealed below and divided in different sections to make it easier for you to follow:

NOTE: It is recommended to go through each and every difference mentioned in the below section to make sure that whether you have a fake iPhone 5S or a genuine iPhone 5S.

fake and original iPhone 5s

#01 – Price And Warranty Of The iPhone

The number one difference you are going to find between the fake and original iPhone is the price.

The fake iPhones are usually priced cheaper due to the low build quality and below-par specifications. Moreover, they usually don’t even come with any sort of warranty.

To verify, simply ask the supplier or the seller about the warranty. If he/she declines then stay away from it because it must be a fake iPhone.

Genuine and authorized iPhone always comes with an official support and service coverage.


#02 – Verify The Box, Packaging, and Accessories

#02 (a) – Box/Packaging Of The iPhone

Original and genuine iPhone are supplied in a high quality and fresh packaging along with great detailing to the images and description of the product.

If you notice, the box you have received has a low resolution or cheap quality of pictures on the box and lacks any sort of description or bar code about iPhone then you should better return it to the seller as it could contain a fake iPhone.

In case you have already unboxed your iPhone from the packing, then we would suggest you to have a closer look at the box and ensure if it has a proportional and sturdy shape, and is made out of a superior material.

If any of those are not true then most probably you have a fake iPhone.


#02 (b) – Accessories Included In The Box

Fake or counterfeit iPhones are usually supplied with a cheap Apple EarPods and charger that look similar to the genuine ones.

To make your verification process easier, please check this page, which should help you in distinguishing between the fake and the original Apple Earpods.


#03 – Verify The Design, Finishing, And The Build Quality

#03 (a) – Apple Logo On The iPhone

Carefully inspect the Apple logo on the back cover of the iPhone.

fake and original iPhone 5s Apple Logo

In most of the cases, the fake iPhone features the Apple logo that is not smooth. When you try to feel it, you would notice that the transition from the back cover to the logo is uneven and rough.


#03 (b) – Placement And Quality Of The Hardware Buttons

While purchasing your iPhone, I would recommend you to pay close attention to the placement of the volume control buttons, sleep/wake button, and the ring/silent switch.

fake and original iPhone 5s hardware buttons

Make sure all of those hardware buttons are in the same location as shown in the image above.

If you find any irregularity, different placement, or cheap buttons then you have a fake iPhone.

#03 (c) – Lightning Connector

Check the bottom part of your iPhone for the lightning connector port and confirm if it similar to the one shown in the picture below.

fake and original iPhone 5s lightning connector

Many counterfeit iPhone have a simple microUSB port for charging and data transfer, which are being widely used on Android smartphones.

#03 (d) – Check For The Pentalobe Screws

Apple makes use of a special screw called “Pentalobe Screws”, is specifically designed to add another layer of security to your iPhone, which works as a temper-resistant system.

fake and original iPhone 5s pentalobe screws

It is located on the bottom side of the iPhone to keep the back cover secured. You have to confirm if the screws on your iPhone are as same as shown in the picture attached above.

If they are then you have a genuine iPhone.

#03 (e) – Trademark And Other Details Over The Back Of The iPhone

On the lower back side of the iPhone, you will find that there is the iPhone logo as well as trademark along with the other details about your phone including model number, serial number, FCC ID, and 15 digits IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number.

The trademark should read something similar to, “Designed by Apple in California”.

fake and original iPhone 5s trademark text

You need to check and compare the IMEI number with the supplied box as well as in the iPhone phone app itself by dialling “*#06#” after turning on your phone, this should reveal the IMEI number of your phone.

Now you have to cross check if the IMEI number is same in all three places, if the result is yes, then you have a legit iPhone.

#03 (f) – Camera

Pay close attention to the rear camera, lens, and flash. You need to check and verify the quality, finishing as well as the position of all these features on your iPhone.

fake and original iPhone 5s camera

You can use the above picture of genuine iPhone as your reference for verification if your iPhone is genuine or not.

#04 – Verify The Software And The User Interface

This part should be the most stress-free and easy to verify if your iPhone is genuine or not. ?

#04 (a) – Turn On The iPhone And Check The Features

Once your iPhone has been booted, make sure that you tap on the below-mentioned apps and check if you come across a genuine app interface or not.

  • Tap on Safari Browser and verify if it launch Safari or not.
  • Tap on the App Store and see if it takes you to the official iTunes App Store.
  • Tap on Maps app and check if it launches the Apple Maps app.

If any of the above app takes you to something other than what we have mentioned then you have a fake iPhone.

#04 (b) – Availability Of The Radio App

In your iPhone’s home screen/Springboard, search for any app that says “Radio”.

If you find any then you have a counterfeit iPhone.

And if you was not able to find the radio app then congratulations, you have a genuine iPhone because Apple iPhones never come with a radio. ?

#04 (c) – Connect To The iTunes Through Computer

The easiest and the most simplest way to check whether you have a fake or original iPhone is to connect it to the iTunes software on your computer via Lightning Cable and restore it.

If the iTunes detects your iPhone and restores it successfully then you have an original iPhone.

#05 – Verify Using An Official Apple Source

You can also make use of an official Apple source provided by the company itself to check if the iPhone you have purchased is genuine and have an active support and service coverage.

The link to the verification web page is:

Go to the above-mentioned link and enter your iPhone serial number to verify if your iPhone is legit.


After going through all the differences we have pointed out in the above section should have calmed down your fear about differentiating between fake and original iPhone.

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