Learn how to install and run jail-break Cydia Applications and Cydia tweaks without actually jailbreaking your iOS device using Cyrus Installer! iOS 11 has been released for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with a lot of noticeable improvements, bug fixes etc. And since its release users have noticed how it is a lot harder to jailbreak the iOS 11! Since Apple has clearly imposed a very strong algorithm in iOS 11 so it cannot be hacked easily. PanGu, Yalu and TaiG are working to hack this resilient operating system root.

Even after this havoc, it does not mean you still cannot use Cydia Applications anymore. There is definitely another way to install Cydia applications on iOS 11 without any requirement of a jailbroken iOS device!

Read ahead to learn how to still download and install Cydia apps on iOS 11 without a jailbreak:

There is an application that goes by the name Cyrus Installer that will still allow you to download and install Cydia apps on your iOS device without jailbreak. Cyrus Installer is not a Cydia alternative but it is a third-party application that will provide you with the liberty to install multitudes of applications to any iOS device e.g iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad, iPod Touch etc and any other device running the iOS 11.

Cyrus Installer is now the most well reputed application available in the market for this very purpose, since iOS 11 users noticed how any other previously known installers won’t work anymore on iOS 11.

vShare, AppCake, Kuaiyong etc all have been made obsolete for iOS 11.

Since Cyrus Installer is pretty much still available for you to install, you can also use it to play cracked games on any iOS 11 device. You have all these options to download Emu4iOS, GBA4iOS, ND4iOS and many other emulators from Cyrus Installer that you can play video games on.

Now that you have been introduced to this amazing app for installing Cydia apps, let’s get to the process of how to download and Install Cyrus Installer without jailbreak:

How To Install Cyrus Installer for iPhone and iPad without a jailbreak.

According to many users of Apple from the jailbreak community, Cyrus Installer was downloaded by thousands of users and has worked very successfully on their non jailbreak device to install apps made for jailbreak devices. It also runs well on iOS 11, which is a plus. So if you want to have the experience of running jail break applications on a non jailbroken iOS device, follow the following successive steps to get Cyrus Installer:

Step 1:

Get the Cyrus Installer iPA file as well as the iPA file for Cydia Impactor.

You can get Cydia from this link: Cydia Impactor.

Make sure that the versions you download are accordingly to your operating system, either MacOS or Windows on your PC.

You will also need to install iTunes if you do not have it downloaded already.

Step 2:

Now step number 2 is to connect your iOS device i.e iPhone or iPad to your PC. Use a USB cable.

Step 3:

Now pair your iOS device to your PC using iTunes.

Step 4:

Once you have your device paired, launch Cydia Impactor and drag the Cyrus iPA file into the Impactor.

Step 5:

Cydia will now ask you to enter an Administrator password, a password and other details which will be sent to Apple for a confirmation. Once you enter all that you have been prompted to enter, continue to install.

Step 6:

Follow the guide that leads you step by step on the screen to continue the installation process

Step 7:

Once it has been installed you can successfully run the Cyrus Installer. Now you can get all the jailbreak applications without actually jailbreaking your phone. Trust the developer profile before you launch the Cyrus Installer if it doesn’t work.

Enjoy the endless Cydia applications and Cydia tweaks available on Cyrus Installer database. Good luck.


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