NBA series is one of the most played games on Android and iOS, this series has already broken the record of most played and downloaded the game. If you are basketball lover and love to play the game, I think you would have played the series already. This series was started to develop the game with NBA 2K16, and at that time, this game became the top downloaded game on Android and iOS. At this landed page, you can download  NBA 2K18 iOS 11, we already have given a download link, you can tap the download button and can download the game, and start playing this amazing graphics game on your Apple device.

You know the best thing about playing the NBA games, you will get great graphics, you will see the real-life players are roaming around the basketball court. The great graphics, background sounds, and contribution in leagues and other championship has made this  NBA 2K18 iOS 11 core of the heart of all game lovers. Now, this NABA 2K18 has come up with some extended features, the control over the player and involvement in the game will be more than before.

 NBA 2K18 iOS 11

By playing this  NBA 2K18 iOS 11 games you are going to participate in the next league, so be prepared, make your team, select the players, you got the choice to select your entire team. You are going to select, the players, coach the training staff and much more. And participate in the upcoming championship with new zeal and excitements, you are going to train the guys, to spend your sweat and blood in this championship.

Features of NBA18 iOS 11

You would be a great fan of basketball and already would have known the much about this application, but these are some more features which are going to impress you for sure.

  1. You can play the basketball with the player of your choice, the player can be real life, just create the player over the course and add it in the game within no time
  2. You can customize the players using  NBA 2K18 iOS 11
  3. You need to follow the rules and regulations of the game, and just play to win
  4. The real-life presentation of the crows, audience, players behavior, commentators, cameras and many other things will appeal you to get the real amusement of the game field.
  5. Addition of the announcer and commentators have already added the flavors in the game
  6. You even can choose the old players, along with the new, there can be the team of present Philadelphia and Toronto Raptors.
  7. This  NBA 2K18 iOS 11 also features the league expansion, one manager can expand the league and announce others to contribute in the league like a professional
  8. The two modes of the games, MyGM and MyLeagues, allow the players to have a control over a team and customize every aspect of the team
  9. Smooth interface, real-life players, and cheering crowd and commentators, and the 3D graphics are more than enough to have in one game


How to download and install  NBA 2K18  iOS 11 

If you do not know how to download and install  NBA 2K18 iOS 11 on iPhone and iPod, just follow me to have the mind-blowing and impressive graphics game on your Apple device.

  • Tap on your search browser, and go to this link
  • And tap on regular> download> download now> popup will come tap on > allow installation

This app will be installed on your iPhone, tap on the app and launch it, and on the search bar of tutuapp, you should search for  NBA 2K18

  • NBA2K18  is a bigger file, and it will take some minutes to install on your device, the internet should be fast and try not to tweak around the phone, 3.27 GB of the file is going to take enough of your network.
  • You can even install some other application following the same method.
  • If you are getting any problem regarding certificates, you should install nest tool
  • There should be enough space in your Apple device to handle this big sized application

So, guys enjoy the  NBA 2K18 iOS 11 for your Apple device, hope you will like it. If there is any problem, or any error hunting down your installation, please mention it in the comment section, we surely will help you to get you out of the problem.


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