Download And Install Whatsapp Watusi iPA – iOS 10

Learn how to successfully download and install the amazing Whatsapp Watusi on your iOS device without jailbreak!

whatsapp watusi

Whatsapp Watusi is a modified version of the original Facebook owned Whatsapp messaging app. The original Whatsapp is generally the main messaging app for people these days. It is used for messaging instantly to your friends and family, to share pictures and videos, GIFs, location and even voice messages in complete succession.

Whatsapp Watusi, on the other hand was designed to improve the experience of the messaging application. Watusi was first created as a tweak. It got very popular on jailbroken iOS devices because it offered numerous features and functions. There are tons of built-in functional features that come with Whatsapp Watusi, listed down below.

Features Of Whatsapp Watusi:

whatsapp watusi


Whatsapp Watusi has amazing features to offer that anyone would love to experience:

  • Whatsapp Watusi prevents your Whatsapp to update its’ last seen, so other people will not figure what time you were last online
  • It disables the delivery receipts so all your contacts on Whatsapp will not find out when you open their messages
  • The typing indicator will also be disabled
  • Out going calls and incoming calls can be recorded
  • Pop up will appear for your confirmation when you tap on the call button. This will prevent the accidental calls that are made due to the absence of a confirmation pop up
  • You can add delivery/read receipts of the last message of your conversations to the chats list
  • With Whatsapp Watusi you can protect your chats on Whatsapp individually with passwords
  • When sending a voice note, tap once to start the recording and tap again for sending it
  • You can also easily share music
  • There are a lot more features that includes interface customization

whatsapp watusi

Whatsapp Watusi Download without Jailbreak:

As you can see, Whatsapp Watusi has a lot many new and exciting features to offer that you should definitely give a try. The good news here is that it can be easily downloaded into your iOS device for iOS 10 without jail break! It is very easy to install. And here we have a tutorial for you to demonstrate how to download and install it on your iOS device for iOS 10 without jailbreak.

whatsapp watusi

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Watusi for iOS 10:


  • If you have already downloaded and installed the original Whatsapp application into your iOS device, uninstall it first before following the next step.
  •  It is necessary to download an iPA file for the app or else the process would not work if you do not possess the iPA file for the application. Here is a link from where you can easily download the iPA file for Whatsapp Watusi. Click here to download the latest iPA file for Whatsapp Watusi.
  • Also do not forget to download the Cydia Impactor to easily install the iPA file without jailbreak. Click here to download Cydia Impactor.
  • Now, connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch the downloaded Cydia Impactor. Drag and drop the Whatsapp Watusi file into the impactor
  • The Cydia Impactor will require your Apple ID. Enter your Apple ID. Create an alternative ID for use if you do not want to use your current ID
  • Once you have entered your Apple ID and password, the Cydia Impactor will automatically begin installing Whatsapp Watusi into your iOS device
  • After it has been installed, you will be able to find the Watusi icon on your devices’ homescreen. Don’t be alarmed if it keeps crashing into the Home screen every time you try to launch it. Follow the next step to fix that easily.
  • Go to phone settings, press General in settings. Tap on Profiles or Device Management and look for the profile with the Apple ID that you entered and open it.

  • Opening it will bring all the information about the profile and it will appear with a big Trust button.


  • Tap the Trust button to confirm the action.
  • Go to your devices’ home screen and you will be able to open Whatsapp Watusi application!

The process is done and completed and you have successfully installed Whatsapp Watusi into your iOS device. Enjoy the new features and functions the modified application has to offer! It is a whole new experience because this app has no restrictions like the original Whatsapp application.


The Whatsapp Watusi application will have to be updated every 7 days or else it will keep crashing. Update the application after every 7th day and it will work without any issues.

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