Download Snapchat++ iPA on iOS for iOS 10 – iOS 11

Snapchat is the most famous social media application along with Facebook and whatsapp and is used by the majority of the youth and other people to document their daily lives. You can make their pictures look very interesting, send it personally to your friends and family, or share it on your story for everyone to see.

Sharing pictures on Snapchat is way different than sharing it on other social media applications. Because the pictures you post on Snapchat have an expiry date. The pictures on your story last for 24 hours and you can also decide the time in seconds for how long you want the viewer to look at your shared picture. You can send messages and pictures that will disappear after a while. It is very entertaining and good for passing time in a fun way. Snapchat also has its own unique filters to offer, they update their filters almost everyday and they’re very special, for making videos and taking pictures.

snapchat ipa

New/Modified Version of Snapchat: Snapchat ++

Moving on, for those who already use Snapchat know all this, will also be very excited to find out that there is a new version for Snapchat. Even when Snapchat is fun and all, sometimes it is indeed annoying to encounter some of the restrictions Snapchat puts on you such as the inability to upload and post pictures or videos from your Camera roll and a lot of other things.

Gladly there is a new version of Snapchat we will tell you about here which has a lot of amazing features that will make you very happy. Snapchat ++  is a modified version of Snapchat with additional features and without any restrictions.

Snapchat ++ is the amazing app that lets you enjoy the modified features of Snapchat with freedom. Snapchat ++ offers the following features:

Features of Snapchat ++


  • On Snapchat ++ you can upload and post the pictures and videos that you have saved on your camera roll
  •  Save the snaps that you take easily on your camera roll
  • It enables you to remove the Discover and Live Stories section if it gets too annoying
  • You can view your friends’ snapchat stories without them knowing. Yes!
  • You will have the option to choose the location and timing to save your pictures
  • View snaps without having them marked read
  • There are also new paint brush tools available where you can change the brush size, eraser, redo a stroke and a paint bucket
  • Also you can disable the hold gesture to keep the snaps open
  • And a lot more!

So the good news is that you can download the Snapchat ++ on your iOS device for iOS 10 – iOS 11 without jailbreak! Here we will tell you the method of downloading and installing the Snapchat ++ iPA on your iOS device without jailbreak for iOS 10 – iOS 11 and enjoy all the offered features:

How To Download Snapchat ++ iPA on iOS 10 – iOS 11


  • Step 1 :

First of all if you already have the original Snapchat installed into your iOS device, remove it and uninstall first. Since Snapchat ++ is not originally from the developers of Snapchat, but a different modified version with additional features that users usually require so you will have to uninstall it

  • Step 2:

Download the iPA from the link given here

  • Step 3:

Download the cydia impactor from here

  • Step 4:

Now connect your iOS device to your computer with a USB cable

  • Step 5:

Drag and drop the Snapchat ++ iPA file from its folder onto the Cydia Impactor

  • Step 6:

Enter your Apple ID and the password because it is required to be sent to Apple to sign the iPA file for its installation. You can create and use an alternative Apple ID if you don’t want to enter your own

  • Step 7:

After this, Cydia Impactor will automatically begin to install Snapchat ++ onto your device. Once it is installed you will be able to see the Snapchat  ++ icon on your devices’ home screen

  • Step 8:

Open your devices Settings, go to General and then Profiles or Device Management. There find the profile with your Apple ID that your entered before and open it

  • Step 9:

Tap on “Trust”

  • Step 10:

You will now be able to launch Snapchat ++  from your home screen, and use all the new exciting features. This does not have any bugs or issues and this version of Snapchat is much better than ever before.



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