Download Whatsapp on iPad without jailbreak – iOS 10

Learn how to successfully download and install Whatsapp on iPad using WhatsPad without jailbreak!


Whatsapp messenger is the most popular messaging application available on the market. It lets you make free voice and video calls, text and share images, gifs, videos, links and even pdf files over WiFi or cellular data. With Whatsapp you can connect with one billion active users around the world every single day. It saves your phone bill and still lets you communicate with all your friends and family.

Whatsapp requires your phone number so this app is only available for iPhone. And not other iOS devices like iPad and iPod. But there is a way to work around this and get Whatsapp into your iPad without jailbreak on your device. In this article you will read how to download and install Whatsapp messenger on your iPad or iPod touch.

Method to Download Whatsapp for iPad

– WhatsPad

To get Whatsapp messenger into your iPad we will use an app called WhatsPad .This method will not require you to jailbreak your device. It works for both iOS 9 and iOS 10

  • Step 1:

Step number one is to download the iPA file for WhatsPad . You can get the download from this working link here: Download WhatsPad iPA file

  • Step 2:

To install this iPA file into your iPad you will need Cydia Impactor. Get Cydia from here: Cydia Impactor.

  • Step 3:

Now connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable

  • Step 4:

Launch Cydia Impactor. Then drag and drop the iPA file for WhatsPad  onto the Cydia Impactor

  • Step 5:

Next after your drag and drop the iPA file onto Cydia, Cydia will ask for your Apple ID and password. Enter your Apple ID and password, this is sent to Apple and is required for signing the iPA file from Apple for further installation. If you do not want to give your ID and password you can still make an alternative account and use that instead.

  • Step 6:

Once you have entered your ID and password Cydia will automatically start installing the iPA file for WhatsPad  onto your iPad.

Note: If you get an error after this step that says “Please sign with an app specific password” it happens because you have two factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID. But this can be resolved. Read from this link here to solve this.

  • Step 7:

Before you launch WhatsPad  on your iPad, open Settings on your device. Go to General in Settings then Profiles/Device Management. There find the profile with your Apple ID and open that.

  • Step 8:

In the pop up, tap on the big Trust button.

  • Step 9:

And its done! Go back to your devices Home Screen and you will find the icon for WhatsPad . Launch it and it will work. Use all he features WhatsPad  has to offer without using your iPhone.


You have now successfully installed WhatsPad  on your iPad.

That’s all you have to do to install and work Whatsapp on your iPad. It is essential to remember that your iPA file will expire and stop working after 7 days. It will start to crash and not work. But if you follow the same steps mentioned above, you can reinstall WhatsPad  and it will work again.


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