Easiest Ways To Block A Number On The iPhone

Apple has given some of the best features to its users. Once of them is Blocking A Number to contact you ( Message Or Call ) . There are so many reasons due to which one wants to block someone like some stranger is upsetting you via calling or text message you can get rid of him while Blocking him , or this may be the reason that your ex is always calling or texting you and disturbs you and don’t wanna leave you. You can get rid of him by Blocking it. Whether it is the first reason or the second or some other reason and you wanna Block someone who is disturbing you have patience i’m gonna tell you all the possible ways through which you can block a number easily.

There are several ways to block a number on your iPhone but i have selected three of them and going to tell them one by one to you thoroughly you can follow anyone you thing would be an easy process but all of these Tips would obviously work and would help you out.

These are three ways through which you can block a person on your iPhone.

1. Manually Add To Block List ( Only For iOS 7 & 8 ).

2. Contact Your Carrier ( For iOS 6 And Before ).

3. Using Third Party App.


Easiest Ways To Block A Number On The iPhone.

I’m gonna tell you all three of them one by one.

1. Manually Add To Block List ( Only For iOS 7 & 8 ).

This one is the easiest of all possible ways to block a person to contact you. This Blocking feature was firstly released in iOS 7 So, the only devices that are running on iOS 7 or Later can go through the process.

There are several ways through which you can Add a Number to Block List

1.Block From Setting.

1. Simply Launch Setting From your iPhone iOS 7 Or later.

2. Now Tap on Phone options in the Setting.

3. Tap on Block.

4. Tap on Add New now add the number you wanna block it will be added in the list.

2.Select The Number You Wanna Block.

In this process you have to Open the Contacts , Recent Calls or Text Messages and locate the number you wanna block In front of the number there would be icon ” i ” Click on this icon and now SelectBlock.

You have successfully Blocked the number you wanted ? ….. No? …..Please have a look on other way.

2. Contact Your Carrier ( Only For iOS 6 And Before ).

1. For this process you have to Find out which carrier your iPhone is currently Using. You can Find out Carrier by going to the Setting and Now from these setting you have to Tap on Carrier.

2. Once you have found the carrier you iPhone is using now you have to Contact the Carrier and Request to Block a Number. For Example If your Photo Data is currently with AT&T, Contact their customer support line and request them to block a number. Different Carriers give you different limitations how many number you can block.

Still unable to block a number ?……. This last procedure will surely do the job…..

3. Using Third Party App.

This process will surely work for all the iOS devices but the only you does need to do this procedure is to make sure that your Device is Jailbroken. If you have done this previously you can proceed further but if you haven’t you can jailbreak your device using TiaG or Pangu Jailbreak. Wanna know how to jailbreak…? Follow this link…..


Once you have Successfully Jailbreak your device now you would have Cydia installed on your Device. Open the Cydia and Search for any one of these and Install.

1. iBlacklist.

2. Call Bliss.

3. Call Blocker.

Once you have downloaded and installed anyone of these you can Add any of the Number through your Contact List Or can put the number Manually.


If a question arises in your mind that. Will the blocked Contact will know that they are blocked ? The answer is No. The blocked person won’t be able to know that he/she is blocked by you. If Blocked number tries to call you they’ll be send to Voice mail. And any message left in the voice mail would be in the separate folder ” Blocked Messages ” which you can access anytime. And if someone which is in the Blocklist tries to text you it will look like the message was sent but it won’t come to you at all. But you can still contact the numbers you have blocked if you want.

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