How Can You Enable Whatsapp Web On Your iPhone?

Whatsapp comes with a lot of features and around one year back whatsapp has launched its whatsapp web.Because it is the new feature launched by whatsapp so some of the people are not using it now and some don’t know how to use it.So here we are today i shall tell you how can you enable whatsapp web and the procedure to use it so you can enjoy this feature of the application.

This Question may arises in your mind that…

What Is The Purpose Of Whatsapp Web?

Let me tell you that whatsapp web was launched on year back which permits you to make your conversation on the desktop,notebook,tablets etc.Android mobile phones and windows phones users are enjoy this new feature of whatsapp.But due to some platform limitations imposed by the apple iphone users are not enjoying the feature fully.

So thats not our concern, our concern is that how can we guide you that you can enjoy the feature on you apple phone.


How Can You Enable Whatsapp Web On Your iPhone?

Coming to the point about whatsapp web i am here telling you the whole procedure step by step.


First of all you have to jailbreak you device to proceed further.

What Is Jailbreak?

Jailbreaking is the process of removing hardware restrictions on iOS, all the operating systems of the Apple.Devices that are under hardware restrictions are such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, second generation apple TV.


Once you have jailbreak your device. The next step is to open the cydia and search for whatsapp web enabler.


Once you have found whatsapp web enabler install it.It will be free of cost.


After installing the whatsapp web enabler do following thing.

Open Settings app > scroll down and find whatsapp web enabler preferences > and enable the tweak.



After enabling the whatsapp web enabler.Force close the whatsapp and reopen it.


Once you have reopened it open setting then open whatsapp web enabler and click on OK.


Now open a web browser on your device and open the given link in the browser.

Have a important thing in your mind use browser like Firefox,Opera,Chrome. (Safari Browser is not supported for the respective procedure so don’t make use of safari while doing the procedure)


Now a page like this will appear on the web browser.



Scan for the QR code that appears on the site using you iphone apple.After few seconds you would be automatically signed in and would be able to use whatsapp web on your iphone just like you do on android phones and windows phones. After you are signed in picture somewhat like this would appear.Have a look on this one to make yourself more clear.



Thats all you have to do…….


Have a thing in your mind that as soon as you want to use whatsapp you should make sure that your phone is still connected to whatsapp and important thing that your phone should be in the reachable space.It does’t matter that whether your phone is connected via wifi or cellular but the thing that matters is that your phone is reachable or not.

I have tried my best to help you out with respective problem please do contact me if you have any questions regarding this i would feel happy to help you out.


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