Read ahead to see how to fix the Cydia Impactor error “directory /var/log/apt/ missing” on a jailbroken iOS device:

directory var log apt missing

It is a very exciting time when you begin using an iOS device that has been jailbroken. You can not wait to get your hands on amazing new tweaks and applications that come with jailbreak. It is indeed annoying when something starts bothering the smooth process of downloading and installing jailbreak tweaks, such as errors that occur when using Cydia Impactor.

About the “directory /var/log/apt/

missing” Cydia error

The most common error faced by users during installation using Cydia Impactor is the “directory / var/log/apt/ missing” error. This error message is displayed during the installation process.

But you do not have to worry anymore because we are here with a quick and simple step by step guide to help you resolve this error. It is a matter of few minutes to fix the directory /var/log/apt/ missing error in Cydia. Read on to find out how:

How to fix Cydia Error “directory /var/log/apt/ missing”

Step 1:


First of all you will have to launch Cydia Impactor and install mTerminal. If you already have mTerminal installed on to your iOS device then that’s great. If not then use Cydia and search for mTerminal and install it.

Step 2:

Once you have installed mTerminal, go to your devices home screen and launch mTerminal from your iPhones home screen. Proceed to enter root.

Step 3:

Type the following commands into the terminal.

Type “su” and hit the enter key on the iOS keyboard. When asked for a password enter the word “alpine”.

Note: If you have changed your password previously from the default password “alpine” to anything unique that you could remember, you will have to enter that new password.

Step 4:

When the password has been accepted, you now have a lot of privilege. Type the following command and then hit enter:

mkdir /var/log/apt

This command that you enter basically tells the system to make a relevant directory. In this case the relevant directory is the /var/log/apt. This is the same directory that the error message in Cydia refers to and then when it is created, the error is automatically removed and you will no longer encounter the Cydia error when you are installing a package.

Step 5:

To remove the second error you have to enter a new command into the mTerminal. Enter the following command into the mTerminal:

mkdir -p var/cache/apt/archives/partial

Once this is entered both of your errors will be eradicated and you can proceed happily with downloading tweaks and jailbreak apps error free.

We hope this guide was helpful in solving the directory /var/log/apt/ missing error in Cydia Impactor. Good luck!

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