Fix Cydia Error: “provision.cpp:150 Please sign in with an app-specific password”

Read ahead to learn how to fix “Provision.cpp:150 Please sign in with an app specific password” in Cydia Impactor:

provision.cpp 150

Cydia Impactor has been one of the most useful tools for jailbreak. It allows unsigned applications to be installed successfully on to your iOS device. This is very important and essential for users who want to download apps that are not available on the Apple app store, or are unsigned and outdated.

Applications that are installed using Cydia Impactor can be used up to 7 days, and after that they expire and crash for people with a normal Apple ID. Once it expires it can then be reinstalled. For those who use an Apples Developers account to install apps will have the app working for a year or so.

About Provision.cpp:150: Please sign in with an app specific password” error:


Many users have been complaining about the error “provision.cpp:150: Please sign with an app specific password” when using Cydia Impactor.

This actually happens when you drag and drop the iPA file you are trying to install on to the Cydia Impactor and then Cydia asks for your Apple ID and password details. The error message is displayed something like this:

provision.cpp:150 Please sign in with an app specific password

The creator of Cydia, Saurik, made some changes to Cydia Impactor. Now the original tool that removes Cydia from your device without changing the version of the iOS has now been named Cydia Eraser. And Cydia Impactor is now modified as a new tool to help you install PPhelper jailbreak by installing a certificate on to your device. This complex method and change in Cydia is actually causing the problem that many people are encountering. Even if it is your first time using jailbreak, or you are reinstalling a file with Cydia Impactor after your certificate has expired, you might encounter this error.

But we are here with this helpful guide to tell you how to fix the error “provision.cpp:150: Please sign in with an app specific password”.

How to fix “Provision.cpp:150: Please sign in with an app specific password”:


It is most likely for you to face this error because you have two-factor authentication enabled for your Apple ID. That is why you have to generate an app specific password to use Cydia Impactor. This might sound complicated but the steps are easy to follow and you will be able to resolve the error in no time. Here are the steps to solve provision.cpp:150 please sign in with an app specific password:

Step 1:

Launch your browser and go to

Step 2:

Log in with your Apple credentials that you use to sign in the side loaded jailbreak / Cydia Impactor.

Step 3:

Under the Security section, you will find the Edit button. Click on the Edit button.

Step 4:

Here you will find “app specific passwords” section. Click on Generate Password.

Step 5:

Now enter the name for your password, name it whatever you can later remember and then click on the Create button.

Step 6:

Now copy the generated password.

Step 7:

Go back to Cydia Impactor and install the application that you want. When it asks for your Apple ID and password enter the password that you copied in the previous step.

And that’s done! You will no longer encounter this error when you are installing your desired iPA files using Cydia Impactor. Now every time you install and application using Cydia Impactor uses the app-specific password that you generated in the given guide above.

We hope this guide was helpful. Good luck.

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