How to Fix Error 53 — iPhone Unable To Update

Title of this article is pretty self-explanatory, a couple of weeks ago we covered the news of Apple bricking iPhone of their customers on purpose. Then there was a class action lawsuit filed against Apple because the corporation was breaking quite a few of the laws. Now it turns out that Apple has released iOS firmware to fix error 53.

Sadly, this update is not as easy to install as an OTA update. So today I will guide you on how to fix error 53 on your iPhone which turned your iPhone into a paper weight.

How to Fix Error 53 on Bricked iPhone.

If you are reading this post then there could be two possible reasons, either you have a deep love for technology or your iPhone is broken and you want to know how to fix it. I will be taking you through the exact steps you need to fix your iPhone stuck on error 53.


Yeah you need to have a couple of things handy because as I told you before, this is not as easy as applying an OTA update from the Settings app.

  • You need a Computer. Both, Mac or Windows will do. (I am using a Windows computer btw!)
  • You will also need iTunes installed because obviously, we are talking about updating iPhone here.
  • An update package from Apple will also be required. Here is a direct link to the page from where you can choose and download the correct update package for your version of iPhone. I would not recommend using iTunes to download the update unless you have immensely fast internet. Make sure you download the 13D20 or later version else you wouldn’t be able to fix your iPhone.
  • Lastly, you will need a lightning cable.

Once you have sorted everything, its time to get rollin’

  1. First of all you have to put your iPhone into DFU mode. Now if your iPhone was bricked because of the error 53, chances are that you already have your iPhone in DFU mode.
  2. After that you have to connect your iPhone with your computer and iTunes will automatically detect your iPhone in DFU mode and you will see a pop-up like to fix error 53 iPhone 6
  3. Now press and hold Shift key on your computer and click on the Restore button. This will open a pop-up window giving you an option of selecting the firmware.
  4. Select the firmware you downloaded earlier and Restore your iPhone. Once you successfully restore your iPhone, it should come back to life.

Note: Error 53 was caused because of an un-authorized repair of your iPhone screen or Touch ID sensor. This guide only works on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus and iPads with Touch ID sensor.

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