Fix the Error ‘POSIX: Operation timed out in Cydia

Read ahead to see how you can resolve the Cydia error POSIX: Operation timed out on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

posix operation timed out

When you jailbreak your iOS device, it is very rousing because on a jailbroken device you can easily download any kind of tweaks to customize your device however you want it without restrictions. But no matter how exciting it is, it is very annoying to encounter issues when installing a Cydia package especially once you are pumped to try out new stuff on a jailbroken device.

This guide is about fixing the commonly faced POSIX Operation timed out error encountered by jailbreak users. This error occurs when installing a Cydia package or refreshing Cydia. This error occurs due to several reasons, keeping those aside here is a guide on how to fix the POSIX: Operation Timed Out error in Cydia.

posix operation timed out

How to Fix POSIX: Operation Timed Out error in Cydia


  • Method 1: Restart Cydia

Press your devices’ Home button twice to launch the App Switcher. Swipe up Cydia close to it.

Then open Cydia and check if the error is gone or still persisting.


  • Method 2: Check the Internet Connection

One of the reasons that this error might occur is that your internet connection is causing problems, or you are not properly connected to the internet. Double check to make sure that your WiFi or cellular network is enabled. Once connected properly to the internet or your internet is working properly, this will surely resolve itself and your Cydia package will install successfully.


  • Method 3: Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Enabling and diabling the Airplane Mode on your device is another way you can solve this error.

Launch Application Switcher and swipe up Cydia close to it. Now launch your devices’ Settings and toggle on the Airplane Mode. Once it is turned on wait for a few seconds then turn it off.

Once the internet is connected again after disabling the Airplane Mode, go to Cydia and retry the installation of the package or refresh Cydia.


  • Method 4: Remove and add Repository again

When the Cydia package is hosted, there are some issues that occur with the repository. So removing the repository and then adding it again is likely to resolve it. To figure which repository is hosting the package, scroll down to the bottom until you find the detail page of the package. At this detail page bottom you will find the name of the repository where the package is hosted.

  • Method 5: Repository might have issues

If any of the solutions mentioned above do not fix your problem then the repository could have issues itself. This happens when Cydia cannot connect to the repository where the particular package is hosted. What you can do is wait it out for some time and retry the package installation.


Here are some of the tried out methods that are most likely to fix the Cydia error POSIX: Operation Time Out. We hope you find the method which works best for you and continue enjoying the jailbroken device and Cydia.


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