The Cydia Impactor is an extremely useful GUI software available for your iOS device to download IPA files, it deletes jailbreak and helps you download and install unsigned iOS applications on an iOS device that has not been jail broken. Now if you have an iOS IPA file that you want installed into your iOS device then you will be able to do it easily using the Cydia Impactor/Cydia Eraser.

Now recently many iOS users who work with Cydia Impactor started encountering a new error called the http-win.cpp 158 error (fix)by the Cydia Impactor which was quite the issue because it did not allow the IPA files to get installed in their iOS devices. Also, alarmingly, the jailbreak users also have been unable to install the iOS 10 Yalu Jailbreak due to this very error.  If you have encountered the error, the error message is displayed like this:fix http-win.cpp 158

 “http-win.cpp:158 Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”


This error did not seem to be appearing for the users of Linux and Mac machines, but only the Windows users in general. So one way to solve the problem, is to install your IPA files using either Mac or Linux machines. But if you do not own a Mac or Linux machine, do not worry, Saurik has released a quick fix to this problem:

A new update for Cydia Impactor version 0.9.39 has been released to fix the http-win.cpp:158 error which was being displayed to many users of Cydia Impactor. So to fix the error, you can simply download the latest Cydia Impactor update from This update is available for Windows, Linux and Mac, and this will easily fix the http-win-cpp. 158 error. But if this does not solve your problem AND you do not own a Mac or Linux, here is a step by step to solve through the error:

How To Fix the http-win.cpp 158 Error

Normal Fix :

Go to

Download the latest version of impactor from there for your OS.

Now try to install the app. Hopefully the error will be gone. If not then.

Other Fix :

  • Step number one is to install MacOS Sierra on your Windows machine using a Virtual Machine method
  • Once the MacOs Sierra has been installed, power on your Windows machine
  • Now download the Cydia Impactor on the MacOS Virtual Machine
  • Install your IPA files on your device using the MacOS Virtual Machine

You will now notice that the http-win.cpp. 158 error is not being displayed anymore, and since the error was not appearing on many Mac or Linux devices, this is one way around to still install your IPA files using a Windows machine.

A more simple and easier method to fix the http-win.cpp 158 error is to download and install the updated version of the Cydia Impactor from the Cydia Impactor for iOS website, the issue will resolve itself and you can continue enjoying your IPA files on your iPhone error free, most importantly, it didn’t allow jailbreak users to install the iOS 10 Yalu jailbreak but now it will. If you were affected by this problem as well, we recommend that you download the latest Cydia Impactor update and your issue will be resolved.


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