How to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iOS 9.3.2

iMessage activation error is very common on iOS 9.3.2 and iOS also contain bugs, this is because every new firmware comes up with improvements and new features. But its very common for almost every user to face such problems like “iMessage activation error” on almost every firmware.

Due to waiting for activation error, iOS 9.3.2 users have similar issue with iMessage activation. Most of the users really don’t know what to do with this errors and what they should use for resolving this issue.

Today I have got an easy way to fix iMessage activation error on iOS 9.3.2, actually in most cases this isn’t an error because it only demands to activate iMessage only.

iMessage activation error

Activate iMessage to Fix iMessage Activation Error on iOS 9.3.2

Prerequisites :

  1. You must know your Sim number.
  2. Correct the date and time of your device.
  3. There must be some sufficient amount of credit/balance in your SIM card.
  4. WiFi or mobile data should be turned while activating iMessage.

If all the above 4 options are correct than you can now proceed to following steps to fix iMessage Activation error on iOS 9.3.2.

NOTE: Follow the steps properly and completely as mentioned below, otherwise you may not be able to fix the errors.

Procedure 1: (Apple ID)

It is possible that Apple ID may cause this error because your iMessage is also associated with your Apple ID. Just follow the following steps and you will see that your errors are completely satisfied.

  • Under the message section, go to the setting and tap on “Send and Receive”.
  • This will lead you to Apple ID option, now you have to sign out from Apple id and also turn off the iMessage.
  • After few minutes, tap to turn on the iMessage again.
  • Turning iMessage on would ask for your Apple ID, sign in to your Apple ID again.
  • Once you have signed in, try to activate the iMessage and you will see some positive results.

Procedure 2: (Airplane Mode)

Airplane is an easy option that can fix this error.

  • Disable iMessage from the setting app.
  • Enable Airplane mode, but turn on the wifi only.
  • Now in the next step just turn on your iMessage and check whether its activated or not.
  • Now in the next step you may be asked with some information that you have to fill accurately.
  • Turn off the airplane mode.
  • Now in the next step you have to turn off the iMessage again and then turn it “ON” again.

That’s it, your iMessage is clean and it won’t give any activation error.

In Case Both Procedures Won’t Work

Now after trying both of the above options, you are unable to fix iMessage Activation error on iOS 9.3.2, then you should try to reset everything on your Apple device. Reseting your device would help.

NOTE: You should be activating iMessage before resetting your iPhone.

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