Fix iPhone Error “This cable or accessory is not certified” Simple Hack

cable not certified fixRecently I lost my iPhone charging cable, so I went to the nearest accessory shop and bought a new cable. But when I tried to charge my iPhone using that cable, I got an error message: “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably“. The reason of this error is that the cable was not original Apple cable. I tried again but no luck. I even restart my phone and performed numerous tactics with my iPhone Cable but all of my attempts failed.

Then I turned on my laptop and start searching for the iPhone cable not certified fix. I came across a lot of people who were complaining about the similar issue even in the Apple’s official support forum but there was no response from the authority, so I decided to fix this problem myself.

How I fixed the Issue? iPhone Cable Not Certified Fix!

I read a lot of articles by people telling tricks to charge your iPhone but all in vain. Some people even instructed to change pin direction then restart iPhone and then it will start charging, and a lot of similar solutions like this. I performed each one of them but none of them worked. So what I did was simple.

I once again visited the nearest phone shop in a hunt for iPhone cable not certified fix and started testing different charging cable available in the store. I found that some cables were able to charge my iPhone, although they were not manufactured by Apple.

So I bought the cable that worked and solved my problem in a matter of minutes. You can also do same to get out of this problem as there is no solution for this problem except jailbreaking, which is a headache for many.

Another Hack

Plug the cable to the wall-charger. Don’t plug it to theiPhone yet. Now, turn off the iPhone and when you see the loading wheel spinning, plug the charger. Let the iPhone be connected to the charger for a while.


Why iPhone do not work properly with non-branded chargers?

Apple do not allow users to charge their iDevices with non-branded chargers or even use non-certified accessories as sometimes it results in severe injury. After iOS 7 update, Apple stopped support for all third party chargers, cables, and accessories that are not authorized or certified.

However, still there were some third party chargers working with iPhone.

After my experiment, I found out that some of the most common reasonsfor the error message “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably” are following.

  • Poor quality charger or charging cable.
  • Cable may be internally damaged.
  • Charger cable does not support trickle charging stage.
  • Cable/charger is not officially authorized by Apple (Third party chargers/cables).
  • It may be dangerous that’s why phone’s software stopped the phone from charging.

I hope the iPhone cable not certified fix provided in this article help you in fixing your issue.

In case you are still facing any similar problem or issue, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments section below. Share this article with your friends and keep visiting us for more iOS tips and tricks. ?