Is your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Well, Many of you may have faced this error on your iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6S/7 that your iPhone keeps restarting itself again and again or there is some boot problem and your phone doesn’t goes after the Apple logo and never returns to home screen.

This issues could occur after you have jailbroken your iPhone, iPhone screen replacement, restore from backup, downgraded iOS to previous version but it turned into an endless boot loop after resetting the iPhone or due to hardware problems or any other reason.

Well, there are ways to resolve iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo error.


How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

Hard Reboot

Sometimes by hard rebooting your iPhone the error may be resolved. To perform the Hard Reboot, Press and Hold both Home and Sleep/Wake for 10-15 seconds. After doing so you will see Apple Logo again and this may get your phone out of frozen or loop state.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo - iPhone Hard Reset

Using iTunes

Most of the times the error is resolved by using iTunes. To resolve this error using iPhone you must follow these steps and put your device into recovery mode:

    1. As your device will be off so let it be in that way or if it isn’t off then press both home and wake/sleep button for ten seconds and it will be off.
    2. After that plug in your mobile’s USB to your computer.
    3. Hold down the home button on your device while you connect it to your computer. Keep holding down the button until you see connect to iTunes screen.

iPhone Recovery Mode - iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

    1. When your device will be connected, iTunes will open and you will see the following message.

iTunes update popup

  1. Click on Restore and after it you will see a confirmation message then click on Restore and Update.
    Read More at:


Using ReiBoot Software

Other way to put iPhone to recovery mode is by using ReiBoot. Follow the steps to put iPhone to recovery mode by using ReiBoot:

    1. First Download ReiBoot on your computer(Download links are given Below).
    2. Connect your iPhone to your computer using USB.
    3. After it has connected to your computer open ReiBoot.
    4. You will see two option there as shown below:

ReiBoot startup screen

  1. Click on Enter Recovery mode and your device will put into recovery mode

After your device is in Recovery mode you can follow the iTunes method to restore and update your iPhone to resolve the error or after getting into recovery mode Download .ipsw file manually and install it on your device.

Download iOS 8.4 Final IPSW (Links for iPad, iPhone)

After downloading the correct file for your device, connect and put your device into recovery mode as told above.

Once it has been connected you will see two options as shown below:

 iPhone 5 Restore option - iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Click on “Restore iPhone” button while pressing “Shift” button.

After that browse and select the downloaded file from your computer.

If the downloaded iOS version and file is correct then it will install on your device and your error will be resolved. (Note: You need working Internet connection for these purposes).

If still the problem remains then go to any Apple Official store and contact the support staff. If you don’t have Apple Store in your country then go to any local or third party shop in your locality and ask them to restore your phone and they will restore your iPhone.

If you have slow internet connection then you should go to shop. This has happened with me and it was resolved after I went to the shop.

Please try all the steps mentioned in this article and I hope these all will help you. If you still have any kind of problem then comment below.


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