Free your iPhone Storage with CacheClearer Cydia Tweak

If you are one of those iPhone users who has less iPhone storage but more data ?. You have a low GB iPhone but for some reason you want to free up your disk space quickly ?. Then this CacheClearer cydia tweak is the tweak for you. Most ios users complain about not having enough iPhone storage on their iDevices.This can cause many problems from not storing photos to be unable to upgrade.If you are also suffering from this problem then there is a new cydia tweak for you. This cydia tweak is developed by a man named Ryan Petrich .

cache clearer free up iphone storage

About CacheClearer iPhone Storage Cleaner

CacheCleare is tweak which is similar to iCleaner cydia tweak.What CacheCleare does is that it will free up your disk space without deleting any of your personal,private data.Once installed it will give you the choice between your apps and demand you to select an individual app to delete its cache. Cache are those unnecessary files which are stored in your file manager,takes up iPhone storage space but doesn’t do much of a job. This cydia tweak will free up that cache and free up your disk space. You’ll be surprised how much space it can clear.The difference between iCleaner and CacheClearer is that it iCleaner free’s up your disk space without you selecting the apps , while cache cleaner gives you the option to delete cache data from specific apps. This is a temporary cleaning method as whenever you launch an app, it automatically creates cache .

How to USe CacheClearer

To Use cache clearer settings. Goto settings–>general–>usage–>manage storage. From there you can tap on any individual app and clear the cache data from that app.clear iphone storage

So cache clearer : iPhone Storage Cleaner comes embedded in your stock settings app.
It also gives you an option to reset that app. The reset app button basically resets the app to its original state i.e the first time you install an app. For example if you reset a game then you will loose all you saved data, levels, unlocks and you shall have to start from the beginning. So only reset an app if you are pretty darn sure.

About CacheClearer

Its a pretty decent app to free iPhone storage from unneeded data. Although CacheClearer is in beta version, it still works pretty well on your ios 8 without crashes.This cydia tweak is not found on any of your added default repositories, instead it has its own private source from the developer. This app is Free .

Price : Free

Repo :

Developer : Ryan Petrich

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