Best Free VPN for iPhone ,iPad on iOS 8 – iOS 9 /9.3 (2016)

Being an iPhone,iOS user. Its pretty hard to get a better working free vpn for iPhone,iPad. Sincehotspot shield is not free on iPhone. Yes, there was a trick to get free hotspot sheild on iPhone,iPad but that does not work now.Being an iPhone user. It is very hard to find a working proxy app or a vpn which is free and does not require to create an account for usage.

So today, i come to you with a solution. This article is about the best free proxy vpn app for iPhone ,iPad on iOS 8, iOS 8.1.1 ,ios 8.1.2 ,iOS 8.1.3 ,iOS 8.2 ,iOS 8.3 ,ios 9 ,ios 9.2 ,ios 9.3.

free proxy vpn for iphone ipad on ios 8 ios 8.3 yescydiaBetternet : Best Free VPN for iPhone, iPad, iPod (2016)

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

The app is called BetternetIt is by far the best hotspot sheild alternative for iOS out there. And I am not kidding. I’ve used every other free vpn service there is. But this is certainly the best for me.
Betternet is a service which is free of cost and you can install it without any kind of jailbreak, cydia, cydia app or cydia tweaks,repos. It is free to get from the apple’s appstore for merely no money.

The application creates a profile in your iDevice which is then used to connect to its default servers. And then activate the anonymity. You will know that the vpn is activated once you see the vpn written in the status bar.

Now you will be able to open any blocked site like youtube, facebook, hulu etc on your iphone,ipad having ios 8 – ios 9 easily.

How To Get Betternet : Free VPN for iPhone,iPad without Jailbreak or Cydia

Pretty easy. All you have to do is just follow these simple steps to install betternet on your idevice and stay protected by a proxy. This app is more genuine and more amazing than hotspot shield and I would recommend you to try it.

Step 1 :

Open your appstore and from the bottom menu. Tap on search.

Step 2 :

In the search box. Type “VPN” or “Betternet”. And hit enter. In both the casses you will get the same result.

Step 3 :

Now get and download the application on your iPhone or iPod having iOS 7 or iOS 8/8.3 ,ios 9 ,ios 9.2 ,ios 9.3 .

proxy free vpn for iphone ipad ios 8.3

Step 4 :

Once it is downloaded .Open the application and tap on “install profile”. Install the profile when it prompts for access.

Step 5 :

After installing your profile. Open the application again and tap on connect. In about 3-4 seconds. You will be connected to a secure VPN via your iPhone ,iPad. Now you will be able to surf anonymously from your iDevice.connect proxy vpn betternet on iphone ipad ipod ios 8.3

How To Use Betternet : Free VPN for iPhone

Using this application is pretty easy. Like most other apps. It does not require you any type of account registration to get. It will not ask you to invite friends or give you some ways to get more free proxy minutes. This is not the case. Here, everything is free and amazing. free vpn proxy app for iphone

To use betternet. All you have to do is open the application and tap on connect. After some seconds. It will get connected and you will see a smiling face. And a VPN logo in the status bar.

To disconnect or to stop using free vpn for iphone. Open betternet again. Tap on disconnect and you will be disconnected from the proxy servers. VPN will shut down.


  1. Free
  2. Fast
  3. Secure
  4. No need for registration
  5. No need for paying
  6. Very easy to use
  7. Does not need jailbreak or cydia
  8. Free vpn for iPhone ,iPad,iPod . iOS 8, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1.3 ,ios 8.2 ,iOs 8.3 ,ios 9 ,ios 9.2 ,ios 9.3 .
  9. Must have application
  10. No need to enter any kind of information for usage
  11. No limitations

Over and all. I would strongly suggest you and recommend you to try this great application. It is free and you have nothing to lose. If you are using paid version of hotspot shield and are thinking of switching. Then betternet is the best for you. It has no data usage limit.

Try it yourself and then tell us what do you think. If you don’t want to buy or use VPN, then you can use an alternative like Proxy Server to access restricted content. Leave a comment if you have any problem.


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  • I need vpn for iphone4s… to be use in china

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