How to Get Stardust by Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

This method is bit painful for most of the users but it really helps many of us to gain plenty of stardust. Only thing you have to do is to walk walk and walk.

“Pokémon Go” is viral and going to be one of the big blast games of all the time and turning out to be a great game of all the time. Everyone including me, and pokemon lovers out there are having only one work all day long that is catching plenty of Pokémon and winning some Gyms at any cost. To have your supremacy you need to get more stardust in Pokemon Go while playing on your device.

pokemon go root no pokepatch

You need this Stardust which is very precious along with Candy to level up your Pokémon in the game. As this Stardust is known to be the universal and is only of one kind, hence you can use it on creatures of all type.

Stardust is used on the Pokémons that are already evolved. You should not waste  earned items on some kind of 500 CP Evee. It is much better for you to save this for a 1500+ SP Vaporeon. This is what I suggest and I really don’t use stardust until I have reached up to level 25.

You have to keep in mind that you are unable to buy Stardust. Instead, you have to earn it.

How to Get Stardust by Hatching Eggs in Pokemon Go

There is a new way to get more stardust in Pokemon Go on iPhone, and this easy method is known as hatching eggs method. By this method you will be able to easly gain maximum stardust. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Launch Pokemon Go on your iOS device.

Step 2.

Next stop, just tap on Poké Ball which is located at the bottom center iPhone screen.

Step 3.

Now, Only thing you need is to select the “Pokémon.”

Step 4.

Now, let me tell you, that you should tap on select the “Eggs” tab.

Step 5.

Now choose any of an egg from the tab. And simply select “Start Incubation,” Then, you have to tap on incubator.

Remember: When you launch the game, you have been given with only one incubator. Let me tell you that you can get more of these incubators from the Poke Stop.

Step 6.

You should first count the no of kilometers, which are listed under an egg. Which means you have to walk that distance to hatch that egg.

Step 7.

Finally, You have to walk around the distance written under the egg. Because that’s the distance you have to travel for an egg to hatch.

That’s all it whenever the egg hatches you will gain plenty of stardust.

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