Some Good Apps On Cydia

Installing cydia is one of the main reasons you jailbreak your iDevice. Customization,3rd party apps and cracked apps on your iphone is the main reason for installing cydia.
Ios has been very strict since its birth and it has been a closed source ever since unlike its competitor android which provides tons of great new features,customizations,themes,and free apps,games.After you jailbreak your iDevice there are several must have good apps on cydia that your gonna want to install.
First of all ,make sure your iDevice is jailbroken and Cydia ready to install some good apps on cydia.

If your on iOs 7 and not jailbroken then check this easy way to jailbreak your iphone
Below are some good apps on cydia that you can install on your iDevice.

good cydia apps

1. Winterboard

Winterboard is one of the main reasons that people jailbreak their iphones,to install winterboard .To customize their iphone and to install a custom theme for your phone.
Winter board can be counted in the list of good apps on cydia,maybe the best apps on cydia.What cydia does is that when you install a custom theme from cydia you can activate it from your winter board and after a respring of your idevice you can enjoy a fresh,custom look.Winter board is a great app that is available on cydia for free. Made by Jayfreeman Saurik,the maker of cydia.

2. Hidden Settings 7

IF your on ios 7 or on ios 8 running on iphone 4s or on iphone 4 thene there might be some performance issues. These issues are lag in UI Performance.Hidden Settings 7 is one of those good apps on cydia that speed up your iphone. If your on iphone 4 or 4s or 5 then you definetely want to install this. Hiddensetting7 is a great app you can download for free.
Aside increasing animations speed you can decrease speeds,change animations e.g opening and closing an icon,change parallax effects, colours etc.If your searching for good apps on cydia then you must taste hiddensettings7.

Cydia Source for HiddenSettings7 :

3. MovieBox

There are Several Good apps on cydia, the one that cannot be found on play store. One of them is the movie box. Remember when there were times when you just wanted to download movies on your iphone but cant do so,also you could not watch movies online in good quality. This is where moviebox comes in. It provides the best quality movies online and you can also download them.

Pro’s Of this Extremely good apps on cydia

  • Daily Updated Movies And Tv Shows
  • 3 Qualities available, low,standard and high
  • Download anything
  • Stream without waiting
  • Great UI
  • Every Movie,Show Works.
  • Source : and search for MovieBox

4. Nitrous

Nitrous is a great free good apps on cydia that makes your website pages loads faster. It works with almost any browser and once it is installed you can see the increasing in loading time of your safari browser or your chrome browser.
Nitrous is one of those free good apps on cydia that you want to install firstly when you jailbreak your iphone. It works on 3g,4g,wifi . Loads up your webpages fast and lets you surf the web amazingly.

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