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How to download GTA San Andreas apk free for Android

Rockstar’s GTA San Andreas is finally downloadable for free on Android devices. For gamers who have already played GTA San Andreas before, you already know what to expect from this game.

For the gamers who are unfamiliar with the concept of GTA San Andreas, the game is an open world game that sees you become a character called Carl. Carl is an ex-gang banger who returns home following the murder of his mother in a bid to get avenge his mother’s death.

GTA San Andreas is an open-world mission-based game that allows you do whatever you want for as long as you want until you are ready to start taking on missions. In the game, you can get cars, motorcycles, bicycles, guns, and even some NPCs. Depending on how much you raise during gameplay, you can also pick up hookers, buy houses, visit businesses, and some many other activities that set the GTA San Andreas game apart from many others.

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In its Android version, GTA San Andreas apk has not really changed anything much. You would notice that the graphics were tweaked to suit the screen resolution of newer displays and the controls have also been adapted for touchscreen devices.

Other than these slight modifications GTA San Andreas apk is pretty much the same as the GTA San Andreas on the PC or any other device you may have played it on since 2004.gta san andreas apk

Ready to get in on the action?

Here’s how to download gta 5 apk

Simply click on the link below to get started!

Apk link of GTA San Andreas

Download the gta san andreasapk file for your phone first to install it. This is a small file.

Data link of GTA San Andreas

Now use this to download the gta 5 apk obb data for your phone.

How to Install GTA San Andreas apk

  1. Turn off WiFi and Mobile Data before installing the game. You can choose to enable them later.
  2. Extract the obb zip file to location sdcard/Android/obb/. Alternatively, you can copy the extracted folder com.rockstargames.gtasa to sdcard/Android/obb/
  3. If you don’t have the obb folder on your Android, simply create a new folder and name it obb insidesdcard/Android/
  4. You can launch the game now.gta 5 apk

Want to know what we think about GTA San Andreas apk? Read on!

In GTA San Andreas apk, the touchscreen controls might take you a while to get used to as they are a little clunky. However, you have the options of analog, on-screen buttons and flick controls to choose from.

Moving your character around in the GTA San Andreas apk is controlled by the left side of your screen while on the right side of your screen, you have the action buttons. The right side of the screen is also used to control the camera when you need to look around during gameplay.

According to Rockstar’s support page, any Bluetooth/HID-compliant controller (also includes the Moga controller) would also work well with the GTA San Andreas apk.

If you happen to encounter frame rate problems or if you would like to advance the aesthetics of the gameplay, you can simply tweak the resolution, targeting mode, frame limiter, draw distance, visual effects, reflections, shadows, and more to suit your expected performance.

The good part of GTA San Andreas apk.gta san andreas apk download

Because it is an open world game with loads of side stories in combination with the regular story, the game is long and huge which gives you way more activities than the regular Android game.

GTA San Andreas apk offers settings and game control flexibility with three types of on-screen controls as well as full controller support. So the gamer can choose to play whichever way they like.

With no in-app purchases and mobile-specific tweaks, the GTA San Andreas apk is a really enjoyable game. Not to mention it offers updated graphics and cloud save support.

The bad part of GTA San Andreas apk.

With the growth of the Android gaming culture, we would have liked to see GTA San Andreas apk have Play Games support and achievements or any Play Games support and while it doesn’t take much away from the game; it would have been a really cool addition.

Other than these and the clunky controls we already mentioned, this is a really cool game from Rockstar. Download the GTA San Andreas apk here!

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