5 Easy Steps to Download & Install Gta San Andreas APK on Android

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (apk game), a name well known, the most overrated and famous, legendary and intense game, released in 2013 by Rock star Games still remains the most amazing to-die-for game there is. GTA San Andreas apk game earned a billion dollars in the first three days following its release simply implying how much it had been anticipated, and with its amazing graphics, the edgy story line it still remains the most played game of all time.

The good news we have here for all the fanatic gamers out there is that, even when Rock star released GTA San Andreas for Xbox and Playstation, as well as OS X and more platforms they did not officially release it for Android devices yet, which was quite the blow, but don’t you worry now because there is a way to work around this. You can now download and install GTA San Andreas APK into your phone and enjoy the same visuals and graphics and the amazing controls on your Android device! And the method is simple and we’ll help you through it.

For a short and simple guide :

 So read ahead for:

  • More information on GTA San Andreas apk and its previous versions released by Rock Star
  • The features GTA San Andreas has to offer
  • What GTA San Andreas is about including the storyline
  • Links to download GTA 5 APK into your Android device
  • The step-by-step method to download and successfully install GTA 5 APK on to your phone

About GTA San Andreas apk:gta san andreas apk


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the updated version of the famous game GTA Vice city, and these two games aren’t the only open world adventure games released by Rock star but they also released the following versions, which are equally sweet:

  • 1997      Grand Theft Auto
  • 1999      Grand Theft Auto London 1969
  • 2001       Grand Theft Auto III
  • 2002      Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  • 2004      Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
  • 2005       Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories
  • 2006       Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories
  • 2008      Grand Theft Auto IV
  • 2009      Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
  • 2013      Grand Theft Auto The Ballad of Gay Tony

Amid all of these games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas remains the most played and wanted game making it more valuable and famous. The graphics are excellent and applaud-able, and once you have it downloaded into your Android device, you will notice how the controls work very well even on a touch screen device. Even when you’re playing the game on your phone, you will feel much in control of the game.

You can also get grand theft auto san andreas for ios and install ipa.

Now getting down to business, lets look at the requirements for the successful installation of GTA 5 in to your Android device:

Things Required to Download GTA 5 APK:

To successfully download and install GTA San Andreas apk into your Android device you will require:

  • A RAM of 1GB or higher
  • 5 GB of free space
  • A personal computer – dual core
  • Version OS 4.03

Downloading GTA San Andreas apk:

As mentioned before, GTA 5 has not yet been released officially for Android devices. So the other way to get GTA San Andreas in your Android device is to download the apk file into your phone and make it work via a mode known as the Visa mod. This will help you still enjoy the game on your Android device.

Here is a bunch of working links from where you can download the GTA San Andreas apk file

Links to download GTA San Andreas apk for your Android Device:

Apk link of GTA San Andreas

Data link of GTA San Andreas

Also See: GTA 5 Apk+Data

Now once you have this apk file for GTA San Andreas downloaded into your phone we can move forward to the process of installation. It isn’t something you should sweat about the method is easy and simple and we’ll explain it to you step by step.

Directions on How to Install GTA San Andreas apk on your Android Device:

Step 1:

  • Download the apk files from one of the links mentioned above. Once you open the link you will see how the process of downloading will start automatically. Let the process of downloading complete. Once you have downloaded the files turn off your WiFi or Mobile Data, whatever you are using before installing the game

Step 2:

  • You will require a File Archiver, so install any working file archiver on your phone. You will need it to extract the data which was downloaded with the apk. The data will be in a zip file.

Step 3:

Make sure to go to your phones settings, tap on Security in the Settings, and enable the Unknown Sources

Step 4:

Now download GTA 5 obb file on your phone, after downloading it successfully extract the data using your File Archiver and later you will find a file called “com.rockstargames.gtasa” in your phone.


Step 5:

  • Open the Android folder in your phone and move the “com.rockstargames.gtasa” file to a folder named “Obb”. If there is no such folder present, create one

Step 6

  • Now it is time to extract the downloaded apk file for GTA 5 using the File Archiver

Step 7:

  • This time you will get another file called “com.rockstargames.gtasa.
  • Move this to the same place in your phone, in the Android folder, go to Data Folder and move it there.
  • You will now be able to launch the game on your android device
  • Play the GTA 5 on your android device and enjoy

There are two ways you can do this:

You can either download the apk file directly into your phone or extract the data using a file archiver, OR you can also use your personal computer, download the apk file straight into your PC and then extract it. Then to get the game into your Android device, connect your device to the computer and move it to your Android device.

The links shown in the video from another site are provided above. They are the same. However, you’ll get more speed from downloading from this site  (icydiageeks.com) because we use our own servers.

Features of GTA San Andreas:gta 5 apk


The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a lot of features to offer, and it is not just an addicting game for no reason, it is also top rated and an award winning game. It was released in September 2013 for Xbox and Play Station after a while it came for Windows too and OS X and other platforms. Officially it has not been released for Android but of course you can still work it on your Android phone.

Get Gta Vice City for iPhone,iPA install.

In GTA San Andreas apk game you can:

  • Roam around the city
  • Fight bad (and good) people
  • There are numerous cheat codes available online that you can apply in the game to make it more fun
  • There has been made a great addition to the new weaponry
  • Remember that the whole of the game is under your control, you can move around wherever you want, get vehicles of your choice as in cars, planes, trains and helicopters and earn money by doing jobs as well
  • Buy apartments and mansions, clubs and garages
  • You can also earn a large amount of money by completing the assigned missions
  • Get in the good books of the gang members in the game by helping them out in their work
  • There is a lot to the story line so the missions assigned are very interesting
  • The graphics and the animations are extra ordinary.
  • RPG open world game.

So the availability of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas apk file for download and installation on Android devices is very exciting, and we are grateful that we can lose ourselves in the world of GTA using our androids. That’s why we’re here, to share the method with you. Do remember that you will require at least 1 GB RAM and 2.5 GB of free space in your Android device to successfully install the apk file. The rest is simple and easy done.

The Story Line of GTA San Andreas:gta san andreas apk download


Now the story of GTA San Andreas revolves around an ex-gang banger. The story starts as  the protagonist Carl Johnson, escaped from the burdens of his life five years ago. His life in Los Santos, San Andreas was very rough because the city was tearing itself apart with the misfortunes of corruption, drugs and gang troubles. The story is set in the early 90’s and his family is already fallen apart that on top of all of that his mother was murdered. When he comes back to his town the corrupt police officers frame the protagonist in a homicide.

So now he wants vengeance for his undeserved loss. Now you have to save his family and himself from the enemies and take control of the streets. You can do missions to complete the storyline. Mission after mission you get to meet new characters in the game and have access to big weapons to fight the bad people. You can go around the city, steal cars if you don’t have them, any kind of vehicle you want even planes and helicopters.The thing is you’re in complete control of the game and you can kill who ever you want, do whatever you want as in buy a house, go to clubs, roam around and explore etc etc and still do the missions.

The graphics have been redefined and you will enjoy a newer version of all the visuals. The game is literally an amazing addition to the GTA seriesgta 5 download apk



If you were not successful at installing or downloading GTA 5 apk on to your android device then follow the troubleshoot steps given below:

  • Download Error: If youre getting an error in downloading the apk file, it might just be your internet connection. A slow internet connection might not allow you to download the GTA San Andreas apk file successfully. Use a fast internet connection and try downloading the files again. And if it doesn’t still download in to your phone try using your personal computer.
  • Game Installed But GTA 5 Android apk is not working: If you have installed the game successfully after following the steps we mentioned above and the game is still not working then recheck the files you moved to the Android folder. Its is very essential to remember that the Obb data after extraction goes to the Obb folder in Android and the SD Data after extraction goes to the Data folder in Android.

So that’s it! The process of installing and downloading Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ends here and you’ll be able to enjoy this directly from your Android device. Hopefully this article was helpful for you. Good luck!


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