How to Add Repo in Cydia

Add Repo to Cydia in iOS 8 : Cydia has always been the centre of attention in iOS. Bringing enhanced features into the not so enhanced features of the stock iO. While cydia and its tweaks are easy to grab from their repositories,the updates make it a little hard for new users to add their repositories/sources to cyia.With the news ios 8 ‘s jailbreak release, Cydia was also updated in terms of features and UI. So this article explains how to add Repo to Cydia in iOS 8 easily.

Repos are the background hosts of all the cool tweaks you install on your ios. Such tweaks,apps are uploaded by the developers to their respective cydia repos/sources and those cydia repos are solely responsible for providing those free/paid apps,tweaks to jailbreak ios users. For ios 8, this method is a little different from ios 6.Anyway its always fun to try something new.How about adding the repos of your favorite tweaks?

There are two ways to add Sources (Repos) The first one uses cydia itself and the other one is done manually.

add repo in cydia

Method 1: How to Install Sources with Cydia Itself

This method can be easily managed and explained in terms of short steps. So follow me. Remember you had to have cydia installed on your iDevice.

Step 1

Open up your Cydia app obviously.

Step 2

Touch the star icon on the bottom of the menu . The first icon.

Step 3

Now on home screen, tap on the More Package Sources box below the Tss Center(shsh & APTicket) box.

Step 4

Within More Package Sources you will see a list of all the Cydia sources .From these select which one you would like to install and tap on it.

Step 5

Now select a source. Let’s say you select the iclarified’s source. Tap on it an a new screen will open.On the top right select install.

Step 6

When you confirm a new window will open having the details of the sources and a confirmation dialogue. Tap on confirm on the top right corner of Cydia.

Step 7

Now wait for a few seconds while on the black window your download and install of the cydia source is completed. Then tap on Return to Cydia.

That’s all, you have successfully added the cydia source from within the app.

Although it’s very easy to add sources through cydia itself but sometimes there is not a particular source that we would want to install. So we manually have to add some repos to the list of our cydia sources.

Method 2: How to Add Repo to Cydia Manually

This method can also be divided into a series of steps for your ease. So follow me.

Step 1

Launch Cydia app.

Step 2

Tap on sources from the bottom menu besides the star cydia icon.

Step 3

On the top right of the screen, tap on the Edit option.

Step 4

On the next screen, touch on Add on the top right side of the screen.

Step 5

Now a pop-up box will appear asking you to Enter Cydia/APT URL.This is where you should put your cydia source/ cydia repo url to add that repo. For example we add BigBoss repo .

Now cydia will bring up a black box, download the repo source, information and install that repo. This will only take a few seconds.
During sometime cydia may warn you about the repo, just tap Add Anyway. This is a no biggie situation.

After the source is added. Tap on Return to Cydia and congratulations, you will have successfully added your cydia repo cydia source manually.
You can search from that repo from browsing within the repo categories via sources menu or just go to search type the name of any cydia tweak found on that repo and it will come up. Install it as usually.

That was it for the 2 methods on How To Add Repo to Cydia in iOS 8 . You can repeat the above methods for adding more cydia repositories.

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