We have already discussed on how to jailbreak your iphone and what comes with your jailbreak iphone. Like vShare,Zeusmos is a well known alternative for installous where you can get literally any type of app for free .


Zeus mos was realeased years ago but it became famous overnight as installous was closed down and Zesumos provided a similar interface and experience like installous. Zeusmos grabbed millions of downloads over night and it became to close down and started dissappearing. But thankfully Zeus mos is still available on cydia.And im going to show you how to download Zeus mos and how to install zeusmos on your iphone/ipad/ipod.

Zeusmos is basically an alternative to installous,appcake and vShare , allowing you to download paid apps for free.It was first available without jailbreak but since it was taken down it can now be only installed on jailbreak iphones. If you have not already jailbroken your iphone.

Assuming you have now a Jailbreak iDevice with cydia installed in it we’re going to proceed our mission on how to install Zeusmos on iPhone/iPad/iPod.

How To Download Zeusmos From Cydia

  • First Of All Jailbreak Your iDevice.
  • Now Go To Your Cydia app.

Go To Manage Manage —> Sources —> Edit —> Add  (For iOS 6 or Lower) OR Go To Sources —> Edit —> Add  (For iOS 7 or Above)

  • Add The Following Zesumos Source/Zeusmos Repo To cydia


  • This will begin adding your Zeusmos Repo/Source to Cydia.

After The Source Is Installed

  • Go To Search and Type In Zeusmos.Zeusmos
  • Select it and install it. It will ask to Respring your iDevice.  Just tap it and it will Restart your springboard.Zeusmos
  • When you respring your iDevice . Scroll through your homescreen and you will see a Zeusmos App installed.

Thats it. Your cydia application is ready to be used and ready to serve you thousands of free cracked apps.

Features Of Zeusmos And How To Use it

There are many features of Zeusmos . The main Features include

  • Installous Like UI
  • Easy To Use
  • Almost All Apps For Free Found On Appstore
  • Resumable Downloads
  • Great Download Speeds

I can go on and on about the features and usefullness of Cydia’s Zeus mos App but the truth in one word is that its just awsome. Zeusmos is a must have app for all game,app lovers and for all the Cydia users out there.


There is really not a hard way or a guide on how to use it. All is pretty easy. You just browser through your homscreen. Find the Zeusmos icon and open it. After opening you will be greeted by the great UI which is pretty easy to use.  You will have a search section in the app where you will be able to searched your desired apps . When you download any app , some links will pop up . Choose one by one and select the one that will work. That will be a good link and will have resumable permissions for your download through zeusmos.

Zeusmos is an old app. I Dont think its updated anymore so i guess that some of the zeusmos download links will give you an error of file not found. There will always be 2 to 3 or more download links on zeusmos for any app. Try every one untill you get a good download.zeusmos

I Have Downloaded an App but it does not install. Whats the problem ???

The problem is that you dont have appsync for your ios installed.

Goto cydia ===> Search ===> AppSync For (your ios version) and select the one which is compatible with your ios. Select that and install it. After installing appsync you should be able to install any cracked app from zeusmos or any other cracked apps source without any problems.

If you have any questions. Dont hesitate to ask in the comments. I will be happy to help you out.

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