Learn how to download and install the hacked version of 8 Ball Pool++ iPA file on to your iPhone without jailbreak:

8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is quite the famous game by Miniclip. 8 Ball Pool pits players against each other in a multiplayer match. You can compete in different cities and each city has its own betting amount.

You aim at a ball and follow the guidelines provided by each city. In some cities there are no guidelines at all.

About 8 Ball Pool++:

8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool++ is the hacked version of 8 Ball Pool which extends the guidelines and makes the game easier and fun. Your aims will be easier to make and the restrictions in the game will be reduced.

This version of 8 Ball Pool was only available for jailbroken iOS devices but we here have a guide for you to download 8 Ball Pool++ without jailbreaking your precious iOS device and enjoy extended guidelines.

Read ahead to see how to download 8 Ball Pool+++ without jailbreak:

Things Required:

  • You will require a computer. Whether Windows or Mac, anything with an updated operating system.
  • The latest version of iTunes downloaded and installed into your computer.
  • A USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. Avoid using any 3rd party cables because they could cause issues. Use an original lightning cable for this purpose.
  • You will also need Cydia Impactor to successfully install the 8 Ball Pool++ iPA file into your iPhone. You can get Cydia Impactor from this working link here: Cydia Impactor.

Now let us go to the step by step tutorial on how to download 8 Ball Pool++:

How to Download 8 Ball Pool++ on iOS

without jailbreak:

Step 1:

If you already have the original version of 8 Ball Pool installed into your iPhone you will have to uninstall it. For the hacked version to work the original one has to be removed.

Step 2:

Use your computer to download the iPA file for 8 Ball Pool. You can get the iPA file for 8 Ball Pool++ from this link here:



8 Ball Pool++ iPA file download


Step 3:

Get Cydia Impactor from the link provided above.

Step 4:

Connect your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable and launch Cydia Impactor.

Step 5:

Unzip the downloaded iPA file for 8 Ball Pool. Drag and drop this file into Cydia Impactor.

Step 6:

After you drag and drop the iPA file onto Cydia Impactor, Cydia will then ask for your Apple ID and password. Enter your Apple ID and password. This is to generate certificates and get the iPA file signed by Apple. If you do not want to provide your Apple ID you can make an alternative one for use here.

Step 7:

After this Cydia will automatically start installing the iPA file for 8 Ball Pool on to your device. After it is done installing you will be able to find the icon for 8 Ball Pool on your devices home screen. If you encounter any errors regarding Cydia, here are a few helpful guides:

Step 8:

Don’t launch the file yet. There is one more step you need to follow. Go to device Settings > General > Profiles / Device Management and there find the profile with your Apple ID that you entered. Open this profile.

Step 9:

In the pop up tap on the Trust button.

Step 10:

Go back to your devices home screen and then launch the game.

It will work! Log in from your account and start an 8 Ball Pool match and you will notice how the guidelines are very long. This makes it so much easier to aim. You can aim accurately and shoot into a pocket.

Things to Remember:

  • Your iPA file for 8 Ball Pool++ hack will expire after 7 days and start to crash. But you can reinstall it by following the same process given above.
  • Do not use your main 8 Ball Poolaccount after you have downloaded and installed this hack The developers of the game strictly monitor the players. If by chance they detect that you are using hack for 8 Ball Pool long guidelines, they can ban you from the server.


We hope this quick and easy method helped you to download and install 8 Ball Pool++ hack. Good luck!