How To Install AppCake From Cydia & How To Use AppCake

We have already talked about our installous alternatives Zeusmos and vShare which seem to be quite a success for installous alternative and downloading apps was quite easy from them.

The departure of installous has left quite a shock to all the users of jailbreak iphones,ipads,ipods and people even google installous now on how to install installous in 2014 still but the sad thing is that installous is gone. Its not coming back anymore.Face the fact

Fortunately, after the death of installous, there emerged many new apps from cydia which were able to install cracked apps similarly like Installous .One of them which is quite famous is AppCake.

AppCake can be said the #1 Alternative for iphone/ipad/ipod from cydia. It works and behaves in a similar way to installous and it has the best quality free apps available. Honestly,after installous AppCake served as an alternative for my iphone for quite a long time. Appcake is still available on cydia and im going to show you how to install it.

This below short cydia guide is how to install appcake from cydia for ios 7, ios 8 or ios 6.0 or Lower.

How to install AppCake from Cydia

First of all , You must have a jailbroken iPhone. The tutorials,articles telling you that you can install appCake on iPhone without jailbreak is a complete BullShit. If you dont have cydia. You have no host for AppCake, its as simple as that . So First


Now assuming you have cydia installed on your iphone/ipad/ipod. You can proceed ahead.

  • Go To Cydia Sources and add AppCake RepoAppcake

Cydia Repo / Cydia Source for AppCake ===>

  • Now go to search and search for Search Appcake

Note : In some cases the app name can be AppCake or AppCake+

  • Install AppCake and Respring your iDevice.Appcake
  • Your Done. Enjoy free appcake apps.

The Official Cydia Repo/Cydia Source for Appcake is ===> and if you want some other awsome sources for cydia you can see my 5 Best Cydia Repos . You can find many other apps excluding AppCake from iPhoneCake Repo and download theme for free. Thats the power of jailbreak. To do the impossible.

It will take some minuites to downloa Appcake but once it is installed,all you need to do is respring your iDevice and Done. Cheers for you.

How To Use AppCake And Features Of AppCake


AppCake is a Brilliant installous alternative. If you want to use how use Appcake then your really stupid. AppCake is absolutely like installous. Just open Appcake and search for apps and download them.

Apps on appCake are hosted on free Hosting services like filehosting etc. They are downloading normally like you would them from any PC.


  • Free apps
  • Installous Best Alternative
  • Apps hosted on free hosting sites
  • Found all apps available on the play store
  • Installous like UI
  • Best User Experience

I could go on and on about appcake but the truth is that Appcake is the best installous alternative it can be found easily on Cydia.

I would definitely recommend it and give it a thumbs up. And for all of you trying to search on how to install appCake without jailbreak. You cannot do it. Dont waste your time searching for this lie.

If you have any questions related to the topic, dont hesitate to ask me in the comments section.

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