Install appsync ios 8, iOS8.0.1,iOS8.0.2,iOS8.1,iOS 8.1.1,iOS 8.1.2,iOS 8.2

Install Appsync ios 8 is the number 1 priority after you jailbreak your ios 8 .Appsync is important for running cracked apps on your iPhone,iPad and iPod.This tutorial will show you how to install appsync repo and you will be able to

  • install app sync ios 8
  • install app sync iOS 8.0.1
  • install app sync iOS 8.0.2
  • install app sync iOS 8.1
  • install app sync iOS 8.1.1
  • install app sync iOS 8.1.2
  • install app sync iOS 8.2

Very easily and perfectly. This method requires you jailbreak your iDevice and use cydia to install appsync for your ios version.install appsync ios 8

What is AppSync iOS 8

Basically when you purchase or download an app from the apple’s official app store, apple will automatically sign that app from their end and that app would then be allowed access to be installed and run on your iPhone,iPad. Also so that it is not transferred to another device.If ,for example apple did not sign the app, you will not be able to use that app and run it properly. It will install but it will not run.The main purpose of apple signing is to avoid pirated app.

But you just jailbreaked so you can enjoy pirated apps and cracked free apps and games. What to do if apple does not allow it to run on my phone. Dont worry. Cydia almost always has a solution for you. Even if it means wronging the great Apple.Inc .

This is where appsync comes in.Appsync is a type of tweak that signs the custom pirated third party apps and games, synchronizes them with your iOS and lets you run the app/game. Since we are taking the latest apple update so we will talk about Appsync on iOS 8 and install Appsync iOS 8.
Without appsync, you will still be able to install apps from market places like Vshare, Zeusmos, Appcake where apps are pirated and cracked and free. But after installation you will just get a dark icon of the app. When you’ll click on it. Nothing will happen. Worst case scenario ~ even your apps wont install.

That is why to bypass cracked ipa apps not installing error on ios 8 cydia has a tweak called AppSync which is available for almost all the ios versions that support jailbreak.

So lets get on our tutorial which is quite short and easy for appsync for ios 8 and above.

How to Install AppSync iOS 8 ,8+install appsync ios 8

Now if you are wondering why apps from cracked,free app stores are not working on your iDevice on your ios 8. You need to install AppSync For your current ios version. This short tutorial will show you how to download appsync ios 8 ana add app sync ios 8 repo.

There are a few easy steps for this. Keep in mind that absolutely in no way you can add appsync without jailbreak and cydia. So You must jailbreak and install cydia to get App sync on ios 8 and ios 8+ versions.

Step 1.

Launch Cydia and go to Manage—>Sources—>Edit (button on the top right)

Step 2.install appsync ios 8 repo

After tapping edit, tap on the Add ,on the top right side, in lane with button.

install appsync ios 8 add repo for appsync

Step 3.

Now a pop-up box will appear asking you to “Enter Cydia/APT URL”.This is where you have to input appsync ios 8 repo / source and add it.
Now you need some app sync repo/url/source to get the correct version.Most of the users dont have them installed already(find using search).There are 4 repos,sources you can try and add to install appsync ios 8 / ios 8+

  • (AppAddict Repo)

All of them contain appsync for ios 8. 4 are given incase some may not work.

Step 4.

Write the repo for appsync, tap on add and then tap on Add Anyway to fully add the source. Now let the source be downloaded and added.

Step 5.

Go to search and Type in the search box AppSync 8.0+ or AppSync For ios 8 Or just Appsync and hit enter. A list will come up. Select the one which suites your ios version that is the ios 8. Tap on it, download and install it.
You will also see appsyncs for ios 7,8,6,4 but they are to be left untouched as they will not work on i o s 6.

You will also see Appsync unified. I’ll Explain what that is.install appsync ios 8

Now you have successfully installed app sync on your ios . All the free pirated,cracked apps will  work now.

AppSync Unified

Some months ago , Karen’s Pineapple Repo released an app called AppSync Unified.Unified is mostly of developers but simple users can also take a taste. App Sync Unified works on ios 8 and ios 7 and below. It permits the installation of unassigned apps and iPA packages to an iDevice.
If you are developer who would like to test apps on iPhone and iPad then apple is not going to sign the test app for you. You need AppSync unified to run that application.This is a great tweak for developers who are not officially registered with Apple’s official developer Program (UDID). It can be downloaded through Cydia using the same method as described above.

I hope everything went smooth for you to install appsync ios 8. But as for some people who have problems. I had them too. Let me know what they are and i’ll help you.

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