How To Install MovieBox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 Without Jailbreak – (2016)

Moviebox is a great app and a way to download and watch hd movies online on your iPhone,iPad or iPod having iOS 8, iOS 8.1.1, iOS 8.1.2, iOS 8.1.3, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 9 ,ios 9.2, ios 9.3. With the most latest apple released firmware that is iOS 8.3, iOS 9 .People are loosing jailbreak and loosing their favourite ios app moviebox.

However there is a trick and method to download and install moviebox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 without jailbreakAnd it does not involve cydia. Yes, it is true.In a few moments, i will give you a short step by step tutorial with complete information and images to help you.

Update: Download MovieBox on iOS 9.3

Moviebox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 /9.2/9.3 is a great way to download movies and tv shows on your iPhone. More over, this is the best app to watch movies or tv shows online on your iPhone,iPad and iPod.

So let’s get to the chase .Talk is not what you came here for.Here is a complete step by step tutorial on how to install vshare without jailbreak and install moviebox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 /9.2/9.3 without cydia.

How to Download & Install MovieBox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 Using vShare Without Jailbreak

Ok. Remember that this does not involve jailbreak or other difficult methods. This will only require an iPhone ,iPad or iPod with iOS 8.3, iOS 9 upadte installed.
To install moviebox iOS 8.3, iOS 9 without jailbreak .Follow the steps below.’

  1. Go to this link . Select download and install moviebox.
    I prefer you use this link because vshare might have problems now related to moviebox.

UPDATE : This old method does not work now. The site has changed.Check out this new method for ,

How To Install vShare iOS 10 Without Jailbreak – New Method

  • Go to Settings —> General —> Date and Time and change your date to August 1, 2014.
  • First of all. Open your safari browser and go here.
  • Now tap on Download (Unjailbroken) if your device does not have jailbreak on iOS 8.3, iOS 9download install moviebox ios 8.3
  • It will give you a warning “ would like to install vshare” .Tap on installdownload install moviebox ios 8.3
  • Now press the home button and go to your homescreen. You will see vShare start installing on your iPhone,iPad,iPod with having iOS 8.3, iOS 9 without jailbreak or cydia.Let the download and install install moviebox on ios 8.3
  • Now open vsharedownload install moviebox on ios 8.3 without jailbreak or cydia
  • Click on search in the upper right. Type Movie box iOS 8.3, iOS 9 and searchdownload install movie box on non jailbreak ios 8.3
  • Results will come up. Select movie box and install it.IMG_0260.PNG
  • Moviebox iOS 8.3 ,iOS 9 will not automatically install itself. After the download. You will have to tap on the app and select install. From the vShare’s download are. Install the app
  • Go to your home screen again and you will see a new icon of moviebox.Open it and enjoy free and hd movies on your iPhone,iPaddownload moviebox ios 8 without jailbreak or cydia

Congratulations. You have succeeded in installing moviebox on iOS 8.3 ,iOS 9 without jailbreak or cydia. This is  not against apple guidelines as we are not installing any kind of jailbreak service to get the application. I don’t know if the above method is illegal or not.If it is. Do tell me in the comments.

Features of MovieBox iOS 8.3, iOS 9

Moviebox on iOS8 – iOS 9  ,ios 9.2 in 2016 is a great way and the most rated app to watch HD movies for free without streaming or lag on iPhone,iPad or iPod. Moviebox’s main features are.

  • Free online HD full movies online
  • Download free full HD movies
  • Daily updated Tv-series, Episodes, Movies
  • Streamers are guaranteed to work
  • The fastest streamers
  • No crashes
  • Supports all major iOS firmware apple updates

This is an awesome app. You should really try it and tell me what do you think of it.

Did the tutorial work for you ?.If not , I would be more than happy to assist you to get moviebox iOS 8.3 ,iOS 9 to download,install and work on your phone. Just leave me a comment. Also tell your review.



  • I can’t wait to see these movies

  • It won’t let me download after I did everything

  • Please send me latest access to vshare I have iPhone 6plus 9.3.4

  • The does not allow download and directs you to which doesn’t work either. I’ve tried even adding Vshare to my homepage from safari but all that does is create a icon that launches in Safari again. I’m trying to get Movie Box on my iPad but can’t get it to download using any method whatsoever. My iPad is an old model so I don’t know if that’s an issue h nothing seems to work. Any help is appreciated and just so you know I have the most recent iOS update 9.3.5 so I know my system it up to date. Thanks for your help.

  • I have downloaded movie box app but won’t open. It say the app has not been trusted on this iPhone. By the way I am in the U.K.

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