How to Install vShare on iOS 9 & 10 Without Jailbreak?

DISCLAIMER: This guide is for educational purpose only. We are not affiliated with any app repository and we do not recommend using these apps, as using these apps may be illegal and we will not be responsible for that, we just share these tips to try apps before purchase.

vShare is another great solution for those who are not able to buy paid apps directly from the iTunes Store. vShare is a completely free app repository that can be Install vShare Without Jailbreak iDevices including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch through which you can download any app of your choice without jailbreaking or installing Cydia.

All major apps are available here for free, this app work differently as compared to other apps of this category like App Cake and Installous. Furthermore, vShare is a good alternative to all of them.

vShare app has two versions, one is for jailbreak devices and other for non jailbroken devices. But here we are going to skip jailbreak option.

Install vShare without jailbreak and using this app is simple and easy, but some people reported that they are not able to install and use this app. So in this guide, I will tell you the correct way to get out of any possible vShare problems.


Download and Install vShare Without Jailbreak on iOS 9 & 10

Here is a simple procedure for installing vShare iOS app on your iDevices which are not jailbreak or having Cydia installed, If you already have a jailbreak or installed Cydia then we will recommend you to first upgrade to the latest iOS and then move further after that.

Install vShare Without Jailbreak

  1. Connect your iDevice with the Internet and open Safari,
  2. Go to the URL: vShare.comInstall vShare Without Jailbreak vshare download
  3. Tap on Download vShare un jailbroken and let it start downloading,
  4. If you get SSL or any other warning, just continue,Install vShare Without Jailbreak vshare ssl problem
  5. After installation complete go to apps and open vShare,
  6. You may see trust warnings, so just continue by tapping on Trust button,
  7. After it open, search for apps you are interested and download them at zero cost on all of your iDevices.Install vShare Without Jailbreak vshare download app

Error and Problems While Installing vShare Without Jailbreak

Sometimes when you are Installing vShare Without Jailbreak you might come across problems which remain unsolved, so here are some simple hacks to get out of those problems.

SSL vshare.apvv API error: if you got this error when tried to “Download Unjailbroken” version on, just go and clear your cookies, cache, etc and close everything, then restart your phone and try again, it should solve the issue.

Cannot connect to vShare error: Sometimes when you are using a data connection, this problem may arise. So first connect using Wi-Fi connection and try again.

SSL errors are common errors, mostly caused by wrong date and time, so first set the correct date and time on your iDevice and then try again. The problem should be solved.Install vShare Without Jailbreak IOS date and time setting
Work recently but now stopped working: If you have installed vShare in past without any problem, but now it’s stopped working then it may have conflict with any other application, so uninstall that application after which it stopped working and then try again, if problem continues try hard reset.

The App could not be installed at this time: Some app cause issue when downloaded through vShare because they are not suitable with your current iOS version or have a problem with them like Moviebox. not load: Some time does not load properly and you get a blank page, to get out of this problem just clear your cache, cookies and then try again.

Apps installation Failed: Due to network connection problems sometimes apps installation fail, just connect to a constant network and then try again.

Apps crash is a rare problem due to a large number of apps in a phone. vShare sometimes crashes all of your existing apps and the only way to get them back is recovery.

vShare Automatically Closes: This issue is due to confliction with other apps or due to data loss, so try reinstalling vShare on your phone.

vShare repository is best for trying paid apps before purchase, it’s also good IPA store through which you can download and install paid apps, but using it is not recommended as it may be illegal and cause issue with your privacy. And we will not be responsible for any damage. Also, you should consider buying the paid apps to support the developers, as developers work hard on these apps and $2 to $3 are not big deal.