Top 10 Installous Alternatives For iOS

Installous was developed by team, but now they have stopped further development on Installous. So Installous and its related tweaks as well as repos/repository are not available on Cydia. Now, in an attempt to help all those who were using Installous, we have compiled a list of ten (10) Installous alternatives that are popular and provide similar functionalities.

Top 10 Installous Alternatives


Installous Alternatives - AppCake

Currently, AppCake is one of the most widely used Installous alternatives as it has many unique features that many other repository on the list do not have.

AppCake is available in the market since 2008 and it can provide users with .ipa files for paid apps for free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running any version of iOS.

You can read more about Appcake here.


Installous Alternatives - vShare

vShare was formerly known as AppVV and it used almost the same resources which were being used by Installous, so this is what makes vShare one of the best Installous alternatives with slight changes in the interface. Furthermore, many iOS users would prefer it over Installous.

In order to install vShare, you need to download AppSync on Cydia and install repo. vShare has its own forum and community, its developers are as professional as Installous. vShare also has support for non-jailbroken devices.

You can read more about vShare here.


Installous Alternatives - iFunbox

iFunbox is one of the finest Installous alternatives, the best thing about iFunbox is that it comes as a desktop app which makes it super-easy and extremely fun to use.

It allows users to install .IPA packages and it is best for the users who love to use their personal computer and mobile device together. Both mobile and PC versions are available so both devices can be synced easily and file transfer from/to each device is possible.

Both Mac and Windows operating system platforms are supported by the app. Once you have downloaded and installed iFunbox, all you really need to do is search the .IPA file of the app you want and then transfer that file to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to begin the installation process.

You can visit iFunbox site for more information.


Installous Alternatives - HiPStore

HiPStore works almost similar to the previously mentioned iFunbox. Users can get their required apps through personal computers rather than their iOS device.

HiPStore is easy to install and all you really need is to drag and drop IPA files to your iOS device. Steps are easy i.e. plug the USB cable, download IPA file and transfer the file to your iOS device.

You can visit HiPStore to download free iOS apps.


PandaApp is an unconventional Installous alternatives. You need to download the app from your computer and transfer it to your device to get it installed.

Download PandaApp


Installous Alternatives - iPASTORE is a relatively new alternative to Installous and it hosts tons of cracked apps that you can try on your iPhone. If you like the app and it serves your purpose, you can then buy it from the App Store. The website serves as a large repo from apps and you can search almost any app in their website.

Go to iPAStore website


It is extremely easy to install and use. A few taps can install this free app and its interface is very user-friendly.

Go to Zeusmos website


Kuaiyong is a Chinese alternative to Installous that give you access to huge number of paid apps ipa files for free. All you need to have is an Apple ID.

This website was first introduced back in 2012 and it is offering free apps at zero cost since then. It’s interface comes with Windows Explorer and it is very good for the users of Windows operating system.

For those of you who don’t know, Kuaiyong means “Use it quickly” in Chinese and it might indicate that the app might not last for long in the business, but it is worth a try as Installous is no more available.

Download Kuaiyong


Installous Alternatives - AppAddict

AppAddict is relatively a new service in the market which works more like AppTrackr. This online repository has several cracked apps that you can install on your iPhone. You need to visit their website where you can find and download apps of your choice.

Download AppAddict

IPA Installer Console

A Cydia tweak called IPA Installer Console in BigBoss repo exists that let you install IPA files and edit iTunesMetadata.plist file in order to bypass update checks.

Default repository does not allow such tweaks to be hosted in usual cases but in case of IPA Installer Console, however it works fine which is surprising. With the help of IPA Installer Console, you can install IPA files which you have obtained from various sources. IPA Installer Console additionally will allow you to play/run apps on devices which are not officially supported by the app.

IPA Search

Visit IPA Search ( from your iPhone and you can search valid IPA files from server. This is not a very popular Installous alternatives, but due to its versatility it should be tested at least once. It brings up relevant and working results so if you are interested in downloading IPA files directly to your iPhone or other iOS devices, IPA Search will get it done for you.

You will require iFunbox or like in order to install the downloaded files.


These are the best free alternatives to Installous, you can try these at zero cost, if you know any other free repo or Installous alternative, share with us here in the comment box below.

You can also share your problems related to iOS or App store, I will try my best to answer you.


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